Why should you wear your birthstone in a pendant?

Most of the people are fond of jewelry. It is believed that women are more into jewelry than men. This is also true to an extent but not completely. Pendants are one of the most common as well as a unique jewelry item. They are common because they are readily available and unique because they are of various designs and kinds.

Wearing a birthstone pendant is trendy these days. However, this also has a purpose as birthstones are different for different people so each stone has its meaning and purposes.

It depends upon the month of birth and the date of birth.

It is necessary to know the reason for wearing your birthstone and how they should be worn. Below these details are discussed.

What is a birthstone?

A birthstone is a piece of gemstone that tells about your month of birth and they have certain attributes to them. They are worn as a piece of jewelry like a pendant, ring, etc. They are said to be lucky. Many of the astrologers claim to have some supernatural powers in birthstones so it is advised to wear them.

They are available in many designs and forms, like pedant for girls, for women, men, etc. People of all the age groups can wear it. As the gold locket design with price is available in the markets so are the birthstone pendants available in the market.

Important things to take note of while wearing your birthstone:

  • They should be worn in the morning preferably after 1 or 2 hours after the sunrise.
  • The back of the pendant should touch your body to make a physical connection between your body and the stone.
  • The time of wearing is important. It’s good to wear them in the lunar phase of the moon.
  • Always consult the astrologer for the weight and appropriate stone that you wear.
  • It’s good to wear the stones only when required so better consult an astrologer before you wear them.

 Few reasons for wearing your birthstone as pendants:

  • Birthstones are considered lucky and bring good fortune in your life. Though it’s not any magic, only a belief.
  • They bring good health and prosperity in your family. They have spiritual connections so they cure the problems of the people and keep them at peace.
  • It is believed by many of the gem therapists that the birthstones have healing powers so as they can connect to the planet’s energy and thus can comfort you and heal all your problems.
  • The cosmic colours are restored by wearing the birthstone. It’s believed that the birthstones restore the deficiency of the colours that your birth month has when you were born so the balance of the cosmic colours is maintained in your life.

 Apart from all these factors, birthstones are said to have historical relevance so they are worn. Also, it has to do with the latest fashion trends, as many of the big celebrities and stars wear them so it has become a fashion these days to wear birthstones as pendants and rings.


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