Can I Pour a Concrete Slab Directly onto Dirt?

Search online for DIY instructions on pouring your own concrete slab and you are likely to find plenty of recommendations to use either sand or gravel between the concrete and soil. The question is whether or not you can pour concrete directly on top of dirt. Pros and other experts will generally recommend sand, gravel, … Read more

Why Many People Choose To Live In A Condo Rather Than In A House

Condos are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option, both for cosmopolitan and suburban lifestyles. While the house-on-a-lot convention has always been considered the ultimate goal (and luxury) for decades, more people are questioning the veracity of this option with current lifestyles. For instance, for those who are comfortable with the convenience of apartments (like … Read more

Post Election Political Stability Sparks Sydney Home Sales Surge

Until last May, the national political campaign had industry leaders and experts worried. Labour’s reform package included increased taxes and regulations targeted at businesses and the wealthy. Morrison’s government’s surprise win soothed the business community. It signalled two facts that the polls missed. First, Labour’s program was not as popular with the general public as … Read more

Colorado Housing Forecast for 2019

Existing-home deals in Colorado bounced back unequivocally in March 2019; despite the fact that deals are down year on year, indications of a vigorous spring are noticeable all around. As indicated by the Colorado Association of Realtors, Colorado available to be purchased home stock diminished 31.9 percent year on year in the period of April; … Read more