How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Building your dream kitchen is something many of us have been looking forward to since childhood. Whether you were flipping through your mom’s home design magazines and admired the pictures of beautiful kitchens, or you grew up watching your favorite chefs on cooking on TV and wished you had a perfectly equipped kitchen, it’s time … Read more

Why Many People Choose To Live In A Condo Rather Than In A House

Condos are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option, both for cosmopolitan and suburban lifestyles. While the house-on-a-lot convention has always been considered the ultimate goal (and luxury) for decades, more people are questioning the veracity of this option with current lifestyles. For instance, for those who are comfortable with the convenience of apartments (like … Read more

To Rent or Buy: A Housing Question with No Right Answer

It wasn’t too long ago that paying rent to a landlord was considered anathema. Home ownership was the pinnacle of the American dream. Things have changed. Not only is our culture more accepting of lifelong renting but renting also makes more economic sense in some areas. That sound you just heard was the collective gasp … Read more