Mental Health Benefits of Camping

Work life balance is something every people dream of, however with workload increasing, staff levels decreasing, and the ever-increasing costs related with living expenses, this is frequently an objective that is not always attained.   Not having adequate time or money is also seen as a barrier.  As such numerous people are finding the effects of life and work related stress influencing our lives both physically and mentally.

The best way to keep mental health in perfect condition is to pack up the car for a few days of camping. Listed below are some of the mental health benefits of camping:

  • Spending time outdoors in nature is an ideal way to unwind, focus, and to decrease the physical effects of pressure.  It provides the perfect excuse to switch off your mobile phone, put down your laptop, and escape from the stresses of the life and office.  Just go for a walk along the beach, visit local attractions, swim in the ocean, or experience the lavishness of having nothing to do. There is also the tranquillity of the outdoors, with no alarm clocks, traffic, and no daily travel to the office or need to hustle. Rather you hear sounds from birds and insects, the crash of the ocean which do not encroach and rather offers a sense of calmness.
  • Camping is a strong relationship-building work out. In addition to having lesser distractions and so more time to pay attention on your relationships, many aspects of camping depend on teamwork. Building a campfire, erecting a tent, and establishing a campsite are all combined activities that need apparent communication between you and your camping partner. It is easy to become irritated when dealing with complex instructions and indistinguishable tent poles, but it is a good exercise in teamwork and patience.
  • Camping offers one of the basic requirements for wellbeing is that of autonomy. It gives us the liberty during our time off to be able to wake up and find our own escapades, without limits. This sense of liberty is hardly ever found in the daily lives, whether through chores or the work pressure at home. Even when going to a hotel for your vacation you do not have the total liberty that camping has to do your own thing.
  • Natural light tends to lift moods of people always. Being outside will make you feel more pleasant and active naturally. You have got sunshine, fresh air and skies to look at. You can smell the earth and feel the greenery. You enjoy the wind and hear birds chirping. There is not any reason to be morose when you are outdoors.

Remember that your mental health affects every area of your family, your life, your ability to sleep, concentrate, relationships, your energy levels and your weight.  So, outdoor activities such as camping are perhaps best for mental health.

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