Use Salon Software to Manage your parlor clients

One of the recent developments of technological change is to basically automate the entire work that was once done manually. Beauty industry is no exception from this and hopefully now, we have got more software options available in the market that allows us to work seamlessly through our daily tasks; managing the work for us in a better manner. More and more salon and beauty business owners are now switching for technological solutions to managing their work in an efficient and optimum manner. One of the top reasons – they are in top league of business and while the business is taken care of by the software, they can focus on customer satisfaction.

The question that crops up – what a salon software actually does. A lot. Right from scheduling to managing payments – everything comes under the umbrella of Salon software that takes care of individual modules. One of the characteristics – they are accessible both from devices as well as websites.

If you own a spa, salon or tanning salon, ensure that your software has the following important features. Following are some of the necessary features mentioned:

Appointment Scheduling

One of the most essential parts of a good salon software is the appointment and scheduling module of the software. They should be able to do multiple types of booking like single appointment scheduling, group or more than one group appointment, single appointment with multiple services and cancellation / rescheduling appointments.

It is very easy to reschedule, add and update appointments on the system and the newly updated module will instantly get reflected everywhere – in all devices. If the system is smart you will be able to take orders online, messages and directly through the phone. Smarter salon software allows recording and processing of orders, integrating with IVR’s and bill creation and print on customer arrival.

Online Booking Mechanism

Smart Salon Software allow 24*7 booking and scheduling in the hair salon. Fully integrated online booking feature allows you to handle appointments and ensuring that you don’t double book or overlap. Overlaps is one of the biggest scares in the salon software feature and luckily that is handled in a very efficient manner in most of the recent software available in the market.

Client Retention / Feedback Management

One of the most essential aspects is keeping up with the PR. Your salon software should be in a position that it can take control of salon’s reputation and help with client relationships. A quick survey or a feedback form is all that it takes to establish a one to one relationship with client and also an opportunity to fix any problems or errors.

Packages and Customer Advance

Every parlor has package service for all customers. This can be like Hair care package, summer special package, bridal package, etc. Salon software pretty much allows to manage customer requirements if there are combinations and advance payments and calculations to be done. Packages are also time based and it is important to track them and ensure they are have expired. 

Inventory Handling

Parlors are not just about handling the services but they also sell products or if they have a tie-up with certain brands, then those merchandise is available at the parlors which the customer can buy. Salon software basically allows to handle all the stock and put it under the umbrella of the software and you can always have an alert if products are running fast out of stock.

Security & Business performance

It is always good to know that your business is performing well and that you are going in the right direction. You will be able to analyze your business performance to performance software. And you can easily expand your business if you find there is a deep potential for the kind of services that your salon provides. A good salon software helps you to have a vision for the business that you undertake.

And just like you expand your wings, the security and safety concerns increase manifold. The data of your parlor and all customers and your work is basically secure and you don’t have to worry about having to manage work as other physical methods take a back seat. A good Salon Software is a real beauty industry business booster.

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