Ways to make money from Youtube Instead of Google Adsense

YouTube is the best place to gain popularity in minimum time and earn handsome money quickly. According to “statista” right now YouTube has more than 1.68 billion users and its increasing rapidly. So no doubt now YouTube is the most booming marketplace for every type of marketers.

In this post I’m going to describe some methods that you utilize to earn more money from YouTube

Most of youtubers are main income source is google adsense. Google adsense is no doubt best for every type of youtubers but too much dependency on adsense can dishearten you. If google ban your adsense account due to fraud ad click then what you will do. Because there was no error on content.

Here I are the some others methods that you can use to earn money instead of adsesne

Before going to the list of method if you want to check how much any youtuber earn from a channel or video through google adsense. Then check this YouTube earning calculator to determine any youtubers estimated earnings.

  1. Sponsorship – Sponsorship is the best way to make money without effecting user’s experience. Because some time too much ad-sense ads can distract users to viewing your content and they leave due to excessive ads. But when you promote a single content like app or website or product in the beginning or middle or end of your video. Then users don’t bother to see your little promotion instead of 5-7 ads.
  2. Affiliate – If you have a tech channel then affiliate marketing definitely might be a great option for you. Whenever you review any tech product or gadget just leave that products affiliate link in your description section and get commission whenever anyone purchase anything using your link. Even you have any recipe, fitness, gaming, health related channel you can sale their products. Here are the names of some popular affiliate networks – amazon, target, rakuten affiliate, shareasale, commission junction, clickbank etc.
  3. sell your own products – Create your own product or service and sell it through youtube. According to above stats youtube is the best place to sell your own products. Just create some teaser video to show the efficiency or effectiveness of your product or service and allure visitors. I can assure this will help you to gain more sales. Health related products and coaching related service are converts well in YouTube.
  4. Make money from live video – If you are a gamer or a recipe maker or tech savvy and are regularly live with fans. Then this is the best way to make money from YouTube. To use this method there are one criteria, i.e YouTube creator should have more than 1000 subscribers. In live video you can enable super chat, which mean it open for users to show their comment in highlighted section by paying some money.

So these are the 4 methods that I recommend to earn money from YouTube. If you use any other methods to earn money then don’t forget to mention that method in comment section.

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