Best & Famous Video Calling Apps For Android

video calling has formally converted mainstream. Many of today’s chat apps, adding Apple’s eponymous Facetime, add video chatting functionality. These days, chat applications without some sort of video chatting idea feel like it’s coming behind. So If you want to hang out face-to-face with your family and friends, so here are the best video calling apps for Android. For example:- Skype, BBM, Facebook etc.

Video Calling Apps For Android

Smartphones have completely changed the system we use a device. New phones with great Internet connection give free options to voice and video calls. Here’s a list of best video calling apps for Android.


BBM has had plenty of ups and downs as it was published some years ago, but it appears to have its ducks in a row now. One of its more new feature enhancements was the experience for BBM users to video call each other.

The great feature works as you would suspect and it does to work well for most people.

It may not be the greatest idea for you to change to BBM, but if you then use it or you now like it, then there’s no actual idea to leave it to look at other video calling applications.


Hangouts are great Google’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime and it’s one of the most successful and great video calling apps on Android. Hangouts is essentially a messaging service but you can also use it to send any type of SMS messages.

On top of that, you can also do voice and video calls at your convenience. Video calls can have up to ten members and it also works cross-platform so you can easily call someone on your phone and they can easily answer on their PC.

It’s more completely free and pre-installed on many great Android devices.


ICQ has been about for a very very long time. So long, in case, that it was a rival to AOL Instant Messenger before holding acquired by AOL in the new 90s.

Those days, ICQ is but one of the more reliable video calling apps that also has a built-in great messenger service. The video calling works very well and the great messaging side of things is also very good.

It boasts about doing prepared to work over 3G web links and even begins with a password lock for high security.


JusTalk is one of just some video calling apps that centers on video calling front and other great features second.

It is cross-platform and uses your Facebook account to encourage you to relate instantly to your family and friends.

Some of the additional great features add group chat, best and free phone calls over data, and it also has things like doodling in video chat and games.

Usually, if you’re using something like best Hangouts or amazing Skype now, there isn’t much of a reason to go for something like this. But, if you want something that’s really only a video calling app, this isn’t a poor choice.


So that’s all about best and free video calling apps for Android devices. These best and free apps are excellent for everyone.

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