Business to Business Marketing in West Asia

Business to Business Marketing in West Asia can be a tricky terrain especially considering the countries
involved. West Asia or the Middle East region is predominantly Islam following regions. Rules,
regulations, and laws are perhaps much stricter than any other region of the world. Nonetheless, west
Asia is the dominant player in the business world. The B2B market in the Middle East is still growing and over
the years is expected to surge even more. One of the key factors of conducting business in the Middle
East is learning about Business culture. The most prominent countries of West Asia are Kuwait,
Jordan, Iran, UAE, and Lebanon. Most of the Middle East countries are oil-rich and oil export is the top
export. Getting an inroad into West Asia Market can be done through the sourcing of companies from
Kuwait Business Directory, Iranian business directory, Jordan business directory, and the Middle East
business directory.  Online casino is an emerging business in West Asia.
A major aspect of business culture in West Asia is that it believes in forging strong bonds. A strong
relationship network and alliances is a vital cog in conducting a successful business. Word of mouth
publicity plays a strong role as opinions of families and friends are taken quite seriously. A lot of time
must be invested in understanding this culture as businessmen or companies from the Middle East will
expect you to be familiar with their ways. West Asia has over the years opened its doors for global
companies to trade with them.
Improved infrastructure and an opening of global channels has led to a plethora of options for companies
looking to expand their operations in West Asia
Things to consider for Business to Business Marketing in West Asia.

Timing: Any avenue you choose for doing your Business to Business marketing, timing is of utmost
importance. All countries are religious and as such your marketing strategy must be timed to perfection.
During the holy month of Ramadan, there is generally no activity and even business activities might be
curtailed. You need to check the respective countries to know about the Ramadan rules. Even though
a majority of the countries practice Islam, there is still a different set of rules for each country.

  • Strong Relationships: On a whole, the region of Western Asia forms its business relationships through
    strong bonds. Your marketing strategy can revolve around building relationships. Like if you are a mobile
    manufacturing company and need to sell your product in West Asia via a partner, you should pitch the
    product as a device that connects people. If you convince your partner company about it, you can
    automatically boost your sales.
  • Dress Code: Dress code also forms an integral part for a Business meeting in West Asian countries.
    Majority of the countries are traditional in their outlook and do not advocate wearing casual dresses at
    meetings. Although certain countries like UAE and Kuwait are a little liberal, still it not worth taking the
    risk as far as business meetings are concerned. Similarly while sending mailers or videos, care must be
    taken not to hurt the sentiments of your prospective clients.
    Successful Business to Business Strategies for West Asia
  • Personal Meetings: West Asia relies heavily on interpersonal relationships. Although you may use
    digital media for your Business to Business Marketing, still personal meetings rule the roost. Setting up a.
    personal meeting is an important B2B marketing strategy that works for West Asia. Set up a meeting at.
    The initial stages is an excellent marketing strategy. You can get a Dubai companies list with an email.
    Address and Dubai company list which you can shortlist and send your meeting mails to the respective.
  • Canter around festivals: One of the best marketing strategies is to centre your offers and product.
    Launches during festivals. Care must be taken that you do not launch anything during the holy fasting.
    Month of Ramadan. Most trade activities are closed during Ramadan. You can instead concentrate on.
    Researching for your marketing strategy during this period. You can procure a list of companies in.
    Kuwait, Lebanese companies list, Iran business directory etc from database companies. Generally the.
    Eid festivals and the Hajj pilgrimage are the major events to look out for. Most people shop for Eid and.
    you can devise a Business to Business marketing strategy around that time.
  • • Email Marketing: Although not that successful yet, email marketing is surely a way forward for Business.
    To Business marketing. Digital Media for marketing is slowly making inroads in West Asia and email.
    Marketing can be used as one of the tools. Proper greetings on the Email will ensure that you create a.
    positive impact and also show the recipient that you want to develop a long lasting business.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites. It’s largely used in UAE and Kuwait. You.
    Can easily get Kuwait company list from the site. LinkedIn also has a good number of Jordan email.
    Database, Lebanon directory, Lebanese companies list of professionals and companies who you can.
    Connect with.
  • Digital Media: Digital Media has grown by leaps and bounds. It may have taken time to reach West Asia.
    But it has certainly made inroads. West Asian countries have now warmed up to the concept of digital.
  • Media being an important part of life. Still, digital media needs to be used discreetly as there is still a lot of.
    Restrictions on the use of social media. Still, a large number of the budget is spent on Email Marketing.
    And social media marketing. Even though any form of digital media is employed, you must remember.
  • That Muslim nations forbid the consumption of alcohol and pork. None of your marketing tools should.
    Make any reference to these items as it may have adverse effects even lead to a penalty.
  • In spite of Business to Business Marketing being in the infancy stage in West Asia, it still has a lot of scope over over the next few years. The best business to business marketing strategy is to study the market.
    Conditions thoroughly before venturing into the region.