Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Courses Online

Want to make your career in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence?

If you love computer science, mathematics and data analysis, then probably this field is for you. Below I am listing my top 5 picks for pursing Artificial intelligence course online:

  1. PG Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning (by Manipal ProLearn)

Manipal ProLearn offers PG certificate in AI & Deep Learning which is one of the best courses available online for learning artificial intelligence. It comprises of 300+ hours of online lectures, online live sessions and hands-on knowledge on various tools used in AI. Below are some of the features or advantages of taking this course:

  • Certification from Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Hands-on training on real-time projects
  • GPU-Based learning environment

2.     Learn with Google AI

This is a new artificial intelligence course launched by Google and it has the plan to promote the understanding of artificial intelligence. The course contains many material and many are to be added in this course. The process of adding materials is slow but steady. One of the topics that have been added in this course is Machine Learning with Tensor Flow crash course.

In this course, people will learn about basic level of machine learning along with advanced topics. The course has been designed in such a way that people who are not familiar with the topic can learn it easily. The experienced students have the option to choose the modules they like.

3.     Google Machine Learning

Google provides this artificial intelligence course with the help of Udacity. The course has not been designed for the inexperienced candidates. Only people who have some experience in machine learning can do this course. People must be familiar with supervised learning method. The Main aim of the course is to focus on deep learning. That is the reason that self-learning modules are being developed. People who do this course can get the job of data scientists, data analysts, and machine learning engineers.

4.     Stanford University Machine Learning

Andre Ng teaches this course through Coursera. He is the founder of Google’s deep learning research unit and Google Brain. He is also the head of AI for Baidu. The whole course is available for free but if people want a certificate, they have to make payment. This certificate will definitely help those candidates who want to make their career in artificial intelligence field.

Real world machine implementation is included in this course, which include speech recognition and enhanced web search. People will also learn topics related to statistics like linear regression, neural networks, and many others.

5.     Columbia University Machine Learning

This is one of the popular AI Courses Available online for free. If anybody wants certification, he has to make payment for the same. The course includes the modules in which the procedure of solving real world problems is described.  The methods used to resolve these problems are probabilistic and non-probabilistic. People have to spend eight to ten hours a week to go through the materials and perform all the exercise. The duration of the course is 12 weeks. The course is offered through nonprofit edX online course.

Wrapping up

The above listed courses were some of the best picks for learning AI. All of the AI courses listed above are good to start your career in AI.


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