5 Mistakes To Avoid While Moving To Another Place

For most people packing and moving is not the idea of fun. Moving from one place to another requires proper planning, effort, time, and money. Moreover, one little mistake can make the whole task stressful. 

Avoid these mistakes (or at least try your best) to make your relocation process hassle-free and successful. 

Here are five common moving mistakes and tips to avoid them: 

Not Having a Fool-Proof Plan

When moving day comes, will you have a plan? Most people’s answer is “no.” They’re left with nothing but the last-minute packing, stressful packing. Between the stress of packing and beating time, they may end up skipping last minute important steps.  

Regardless of how much you hate to pack, make a good plan and stick to it. Begin by noting down all the things that come into your mind and prioritize them. Start collecting supplies as the day gets closer. 

Starting early will eventually provide you with more time later down the road to be more detailed and organized. A smart tip is to take out a few hours daily from your routine rather than spending hours and hours on one day. 

Packing Supplies

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by reusing packing supplies? Instead of buying new storage boxes, ask your friends and relatives if they have spare boxes. Check with local supermarkets, bookstores, or home improvement stores and ask them about getting storage boxes for free. 

Preserving Your Valuables

Pack your delicate and fragile pieces in a bubble wrap (which you can easily find at your local home improvement store or post office). For extra cushioning, use blankets, towels, and old clothing to wrap delicate items so that you won’t find broken pieces when you open the boxes. 

If you are relocating for a few months and need a place for some items, look up you local self storage companies. There are storage units like this local Boise self-storage facility that offer short term storage and even weather controlled units for your belongings. 

Items like valuables or larger bulky items are great candidates for items to consider putting in a storage unit. 

Forgetting Important Items

Not labeling boxes can cause a setback to your timeline. To avoid this, make a list of the things inside the box and label the actual box based on which room the items should be in. For example, pack all of your kitchen supplies in the same boxes and label the box “kitchen” especially since kitchen items are a top priority. 

Hiring Reliable Movers 

While hiring movers isn’t necessarily a cheap decision, it is definitely a decision that can help ease the stress of moving. 

Do proper research and take help from online reviews. Also, seek advice from family and friends. Talk to different companies to see which one is right for you. Ask them if they’re insured and licensed. Discuss everything like extra fees and company insurance before you sign on any document.

Knowing these mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll be prepared to move with less stress and more excitement for this new chapter in your life!


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