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Has the choice of a PG accommodation stand at par with a rented accommodation.

Of late the popularity of PG in Chennai for male respondents has witnessed a sharp decline. Students like to reside in a group and opt for flats on a rent sharing basis. A host of factors can be attributed to this paradigm shift.

More freedom

Youngsters like to live a life full of freedom and minimum distractions. Once you reside in an apartment it provides you with a greater sense of freedom. The landlord is not going to raise any objections till he gets the rent on time and there is no illegal activity that is taking place at the premises. Students do not like to be living in fear of constant monitoring. Since they can share their space, an obvious fact is that they would like to stay with their friends.

Amenities and features

An apartment is an appeal feature to students as they tend to be separate rooms a private washroom and a specific area for entertainment. The space is less chaotic meaning that they can concentrate on their studies better. Since most of the facilities are present in the apartment it there is no need to be stepping out.


To obtain furnished premises but there is no need to be considering all the expenses involved. There are a couple of people with whom you can split the expenses. It would be really worth renting out a flat as you can enjoy in your own way.

More space

Another benefit that arises is more space. Apart from your own bedroom there is a modular kitchen and your own work area. In fact there is more space to be spreading out.

Fun moments

Students who reside in a rented apartment have more fun as they can invite over their friends for late night parties. This is an aspect which PG for men in Chennai are not able to avail. You can decorate the space and can step out late nights without any major restrictions. There is no need to seek permission or explain any delays.

Parents visit

In a rented space, your parents can come and stay overnight. Once they reside they are in a better position to know about the friends residing with you. The parents who are residing in an apartment can connect together and obtain the latest updates.


A flat is a lot cleaner and free from pests. When limited number of people shares a space there is focus on personal hygiene and possibility of health issues emerging are a bare minimum. In order to clean the home you can go on to hire a domestic maid.

To conclude in your quest for the search of a rented apartment the neighbourhood has an important role to play. For some students they would prefer to reside in areas where there are fellow students whereas in case of others they would like to reside in a different area altogether. This would boil down to your individual choices and what you prefer.

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