What to Look For When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re selling a property or looking to move house, hiring a real estate agent is a big decision. 

From ensuring they have a thorough knowledge of the local area to checking their license, Harcourts Carlingford has rounded up the things to look for when hiring a real estate agent.

Do they have the correct license? 

The first step in finding the right real estate agent for you is ensuring that they have the necessary licenses to operate. For instance, a realtor may have certain conditions on their license such as ‘working solely as a buyer’s agent’ or ‘having the right to conduct auctions. 

To check a real estate agent’s license online, you will need one of the following: licensee name, trading name, or license number.

Simply enter the details into Service NSW to find out what prospective realtors are licensed to do. Dealing with Harcourts Carlingford affords you peace of mind because we make sure we have all the licenses and experiences necessary to undertake any and all strategies available to the market and manage your property

Can they give positive references?

An experienced real estate agent should be happy to hand over at least their last 10 clients as positive references. 

If you’re looking to sell a property, it’s also worth asking if you can get in touch with the last seller the realtor worked with. This will give you the opportunity to have an unbiased review from someone who has been in the same position.

For example, if you’re looking for property for sale in Carlingford, can they provide positive references of past sales made in the local area? 

When was their last sale?

When selling a property, it’s important to ask potential real estate agents when they last made a sale and how long the process took. 

You want to hire a realtor who is proactive and willing to work within your time frame. Harcourts Carlingford is connected to the Harcourts group of businesses and can leverage from an ever-increasing database of buyers to ensure your property gets maximum exposure with the right people.

Good communication skills

Once you’ve determined that they have the experience necessary, one of the most important factors to look for in a real estate agent is great communication skills. 

For a buyer, it’s important that the realtor understands what you’re looking for, appreciates your time frame, and is on hand to listen to your needs or concerns.

For a seller, it’s crucial to hire a real estate agent who is confident, friendly, and able to communicate effectively with prospective buyers – this will make the process of closing the deal a whole lot easier (and faster).

A great real estate agent will also be willing to adapt your communication style whether that means chatting on the phone, catching up over email, or maybe even staying up to date on social media.

Great people skills

It should go without saying that a good real estate agent should be able to keep prospective buyers engaged regardless of different personalities. 

If you’re looking to purchase a property, it’ll prove useful having someone to bridge the gap between both parties. Closing a deal requires a lot of personality, confidence, and patience.  We invite you to meet the team at Harcourts Carlingford and experience a different level of service that is built on the passion we have for this industry.

Thorough knowledge of the location 

One of the most important factors to consider when moving house is the location from local amenities to the school catchment area. 

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s always best to speak to a realtor who is well-versed in the area and who can answer all of your questions.   

For instance, real estate agents in Carlingford should have a thorough knowledge of the local area from transport facilities and tax prices to standard of living.

Great negotiation skills 

A great personality will only get a real estate agent so far, as they will also need to possess good negotiation skills.

Whether they’re helping you to find a property or to sell one, they will need to be able to haggle between both parties in order to strike a fair deal for all involved without any disputes. 

Negotiations are not just priced based, sometimes the agent will need to structure a deal creatively to balance time and money considerations for both parties. Does your agent have these skills? Harcourts Carlingford understands that especially in uncertain markets, the ability to negotiate creatively is the difference between making sales or not. 

Are they tech-savvy?

Technology has brought a myriad of benefits for both prospective homeowners and real estate agents in recent years so it’s important to find a realtor who is familiar with emerging tech.

For example, Virtual Reality (VR) is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes to the real estate business in recent years. 

Enabling prospective buyers to experience the property through three-dimensional walkthroughs, viewers can get a feel for the place without even having to leave their homes.

Not only does this open up your property to a global scale but it saves time, as only serious buyers are likely to get in touch. 

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