Kolkata Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography has become an essential part of a wedding because it provides professional photographers with an opportunity to know about the requirements, expectations and preferences of their clients. Pre-wedding photography also helps the couples create a good rapport with the photographers. They will also feel comfortable with the photographers and come to know about their style of photography. It is very important for the photographers to capture the emotions of couples beautifully so that they would like to relive the emotions again and again.

Best places for pre-wedding photography in India:

It is very important for photographers and couples to select beautiful locations for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Both the couples and photographers prefer to click pre-wedding photos in natural outdoor locations. There are several beautiful, natural locations in Kolkata where pre-wedding photo shoot can take place.

Princep ghat:

Princep ghat is a well-known hangout location for couples, therefore, it is a good idea to do a pre-wedding photo shoot in this place. It will be perfect to shoot photos at the twilight and in the morning. The combination of park, white pillars, bridge view and the Ganges make the location fascinating! There are many professional wedding photographers who believe Princep Ghat is the best location to capture the partners in a romantic mood.

Eco park:

Eco park is known for its peaceful ambience, a place which combines park, waterbody, boat ride at the same time. Photographers will be able to capture the moments of couples in different beautiful backgrounds and from different angles.


Maidan is a huge field with statues and greenery. The location is preferred by many professional wedding photographers because of its vastness. As Maidan is a crowded place, some photographers like to capture the moments of the couples who seem to be oblivious to the chaotic and busy surroundings. Some of them click the pictures of trams in the couple’s background as they have a historical significance in the city, Kolkata.

• Pre-wedding concepts:There are many professional photographers and innovative couples who come up with different pre-wedding concepts. The most popular pre-wedding concepts of them are the traditional, the glamorous, the casual and the thematic.

The traditional:

The traditional concept is a concept where your cultural elements get displayed through your pictures. This concept is totally suitable for couples who want to have a traditional wedding ceremony. If you want to select a traditional concept, go with a location that displays the vibes of your culture. As far as clothing is concerned, wear traditional clothes and keep them simple.

The glamorous:

The glamorous concept refers to grand locations and fancy clothes. It would be amazing if you decide to have a nice photo shoot at a beautiful landscape. Showcase the beautiful location and your gorgeous clothes for a glamorous feel.

The casual:

The casual concept is completely opposite to the glamorous concept. Wear simple clothes for the casual concept. Make sure that you do not appear unnatural as it is a casual pre-wedding photoshoot. Different couples use different themes for their casual shoots. Some people show their hobbies and some of them do what they did on their first date.

The thematic:

The thematic concept refers to a particular theme that you and your life partner have selected. You can select a theme related to any particular fairy tale or a theme based on travel. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the themes.

Try to be innovative and unique! After all, the wedding happens once in a lifetime, so put some efforts to make the photographs special.

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