Is Your Child Ready for OC

Do you have a gifted child in Year 4 in NSW? Then they might benefit from a two-year opportunity class for bright students. Here’s what you should know about OC and how to know if it’s right for your child.

What is Opportunity Class

Opportunity class is a unique program designed to help gifted young people grow and learn at their own pace. They’re surrounded by other talented students and it’s a very nurturing, inspiring environment.

  • Students receive learning materials suited to their own level. 
  • It’s a personalised teaching experience, so every student is supported in whichever way they need.

Opportunity class runs for two years, over Years 5 and 6. 

How to Apply for Opportunity Class

If you want to enrol your child in opportunity class, you need to apply first. Here’s how it works. 

  • You can apply in Year 4 but can also apply in Year 5.
  • Notify your child’s primary school that you want to apply by filling out an “intent to apply” form. 
  • Visit the application website and supply your details. 
  • Apply in good time, because late applications aren’t accepted.

As part of the selection process, your child must sit what’s known as the opportunity class test. This score is tallied against academic performance results from Years 3 and 4. If the score is high enough, your child is offered a place. 

Each school has different score requirements, so there’s no guarantee your child will be accepted at your preferred location. 

How to Prepare for the OC Exam

Every child must pass the OC exam to join one of the 75 classes offered across NSW. The problem is that some children might find the exam stressful if they’re not sure what to expect. Essentially, this is what will happen. 

  • Students sit two 30-minute multiple choice papers. Each paper has 35 questions designed to test numeracy, literacy and general academic skills. 
  • They’re all computer-marked, so students use blank ink to mark their papers. 
  • The maximum score is 300, and you can view your child’s score after they are released. 

Are you concerned about whether your child is ready for this test? Then a preliminary assessment can help. On offer is a dedicated primary tutoring program designed to provide the support gifted students need to pass the exam and thrive in OC. Students receive personalised support to address any needs they have, and the tutor provides every parent with a complete evaluation.

You can use this evaluation to help decide whether OC is right for your child.


Is your child ready for opportunity class? A primary tutoring program doesn’t just prepare your child for the all-important OC exam – it gives them the skills they need to succeed in opportunity class.