A Moving House Checklist

A Moving House Checklist

Moving from one house to another requires much prep work and planning. The anxiety and stress that build up in the weeks prior to moving can take their toll on a person and can be the cause of friction within a household. By planning ahead and following a moving checklist, you can eliminate some of that stress and be well-prepared when moving day comes. 

Allow up to 6 weeks to plan your move. One of the first items on your checklist should be to look into a removalist service. These services can help keep your stress to a minimum as they work with you to plan every step of your move. They can help with the packing and unpacking, as well as the moving, but you must book early, as they fill up quickly.

Other items on the checklist include:

Arranging a cleaner. Property renters will need to clean the rental before they move out. Options include cleaning the place yourself or hiring a cleaner to come in and take care of the details. Plan ahead for this if you are having a service come in to clean. These services fill up quickly during busy moving seasons.

Start collecting boxes. Your belongings will take more space than you think they will. Start collecting boxes early so you can plan accordingly as moving day gets closer. 

Return borrowed items. Library books, DVDs and other items borrowed from a friend or neighbour should all get returned before you move out. Take the time to do this now, before the chaotic last few days.


Start packing. Start packing a month or more before your move. Picture albums, storage rooms, decorations, and other items you don’t use daily can be packed in advance. Off-season clothing, unused dishes, and books can also be packed. By labelling the boxes, you can ensure you can easily find your belongings once you get to your new home. 

Set aside valuables. Valuables, important documents, medications, and important keepsakes should all be packed separately. Keep these within arm’s reach when moving day comes.

Call the utilities. Connect utilities in the new home, and disconnect them in the old. Stop garbage pickup, weekly cleaning services, or any other services that are connected to the address you are leaving.

Contact the postal service. Redirect your mail, cancel old subscriptions, and call anyone that needs to be made aware of your new address.

Collect keys. Make sure family and friends have returned any keys they have, so you have them ready for the next people coming in, or to return to the landlord.

The best way to take the stress out of moving day is to be prepared ahead of time. Using the above checklist can assist with organisation and help keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Using a removalist service that can work with you each step of the way is another way to alleviate some of the stress of moving day. Keep a clear head and your move will go along just as planned. 


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