How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Building your dream kitchen is something many of us have been looking forward to since childhood.

Whether you were flipping through your mom’s home design magazines and admired the pictures of beautiful kitchens, or you grew up watching your favorite chefs on cooking on TV and wished you had a perfectly equipped kitchen, it’s time to plan your ideal kitchen.

There are a lot of options in the market to help guide you.

Consider the aspect of your lifestyle 

The first thing that comes to mind when renovating your old kitchen into your dream kitchen is how it’s going to look and the new and cool appliances you will add to your kitchen. It’s important to bring your daily lifestyle into the renovation process and not just the idea of a place to cook.

When Choosing A Kitchen Layout, think of any surface areas or extra storage you need to add. For example, if you love using your kitchen as a hangout when your friends and family come over, or if you store non-kitchen material in the cabinets. If you have kids who love to do their homework or hobbies while you’re cooking in the kitchen, consider using material for your counter that won’t get ruined or stained if your kid accidentally drops a black sharpie on the surface.

The workflow in your kitchen

One aspect that won’t pop into your head is the workflow in your kitchen.

By workflow, I mean the distance and the way you move from your fridge, to your stove, sink, and more.

An interior designer will help you figure out the best work triangle that will fit your daily activities. One of the most popular workflow triangles is to place the stove and oven across from your kitchen sink, and the fridge is placed on the right or left side of the room.

Create a smart plan for storage

You have the opportunity to maximize your kitchen storage and put it into the best optimal use. Create a pullout drawer next to the cooking area and store it with a collection of your favorite herbs and spices to make it easier for you during cooking.

Compliment the kitchen with functional shelves to store your pots and pans without the stress of piling them on top of each other to save room in your kitchen. Add a walk-in pantry with thick countertops and multiple shelves to keep it organized.

Light it up with the right electrical layout

Don’t ignore the one thing that will make or break any kitchen.

Your kitchen needs the right lighting for its close-up appeal, one or two lights are not enough to show off its glamour. Your kitchen will need a light that will light up the entire kitchen, which is the most important light you choose. Add a general light that can be controlled and allow you to decide the amount of light you want through dimming it. You don’t want to choose a general light that will one day be too harsh for you and your guests when you’re entertaining, make your life easier by going for a warm light that will set the mood you want.

Go with a chandelier or a beautiful centerpiece if you want a decorative approach instead of efficiency. The second light you must consider is a task light which will help you see the cooking process better when it’s under the counters, such as small lights under your top cabinets to light up the surface of all the counters. The third light is simply an accent light that will enhance the glamour of your new renovated kitchen, add lights in your glass cabinets for your guests to see your collection of fine dishware.

Start with your appliances

Choosing a layout for your kitchen will be difficult to do without knowing what appliances you want to add. Are you looking to add a large fridge with French doors to fit all the groceries your family needs?

Consider the size of it before planning the rest of your kitchen. Do you love to bake and wish you had more than one oven so you don’t take longer when you’re baking multiple layers of a birthday cake? If you’ve added a double wall oven, add that to your kitchen layout. Are you and your family busy individuals and use the microwave a lot? Choose a perfect spot for it to eliminate foot traffic in the kitchen.

Do you have a lot of dishes building up in your sink? Get a dishwasher and place it in the right area in case it ends up blocking an opened fridge. Talk to your designer to find the perfect kitchen layout to match your use of appliances in your daily life.

Think of the overall value

You might skimp a little when it comes to choosing building material for your new kitchen to save money, but it’s not the wisest option. Think of renovating as a life investment, choosing cheap material will require constant fixing and remodeling. The longevity of the material isn’t the only benefit it offers, the looks of it is also very important to bring your vision of the perfect glamorous kitchen into life.

Quartz has been a favorable option among homebuilders as it is durable, can handle scratches, and stain resistant. Quartz also offers the beauty of stone and marble without the risk of staining.

Granite has also been an instant go-to for the luxurious look it has, and it’s very strong durability and it’s heat resistant.

If you want a silky-smooth look, then soapstone is a great natural stone option. Soapstone will give an antique look to your kitchen and it’s heat resistant with the ability to fix any damage that might happen to it during constant usage.

Marble is a great choice to add real estate value to your home as it is known for its outstanding beauty and luxury. Marble is both waterproof and heatproof, but it is an easy victim when it comes to staining and scratching.

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