When Should You Take Whey Proteins?

Are you wondering about the best time to take whey proteins? Well, it is beneficial to take this supplement at any time of the day. However, you can strategize your timing to maximize your results.

Whether you want to crush your food cravings, boost metabolism, or build muscle mass, there is a specific time to add whey into your diet. Here, we have elaborated the best suitable time to consume proteins based on your health goals-

Take Whey Proteins In The Morning To Reduce Weight
When you sleep, the body uses amino acids to empower your metabolism. Therefore, it is a good idea to consume proteins in the morning to give your body an extra dose of amino acids. Moreover, whey protein powders are packed with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that help to burn fats, calories even if you aren’t working.

Another reason for taking this protein supplement in the morning is that it can help you curb appetite. It lowers the level of hunger hormone, ghrelin while increasing the appetite-reducing hormones like peptide-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin. 

You’ll feel more satiated and less tempted to reach for snacks or junk food throughout the day. Besides this, you can also take natural protein powder between the meals to eat fewer calories in the day.

Take Whey Proteins As A Pre-Workout Energy Drink
Whey protein supplement is integral to maintain nitrogen balance in the body. As proteins are the building blocks of new muscle growth, it is necessary to take them immediately before the resistance exercises. It will boost stamina and energy to perform a strenuous workout. Therefore, it is recommended to take whey protein as a pre-workout shake.

Consume Whey Proteins Post-Workout To Build Muscles
Perhaps, the most important time for the athletes to take protein supplements is immediately after a workout. Further, many of the fitness enthusiasts recommend taking protein shakes 15 to 60 minutes after exercise. This time frame called ‘anabolic window’ is considered as the perfect time to get the most out of nutrients. The reason is, during exercise, you put a lot of stress on the muscles and must provide nutrients for repair. 

Therefore, aim to take whey proteins within two hours after a workout to build muscles. 

Add Whey Proteins In Your Breakfast To Prevent Muscle Loss
As you grow older, it is crucial to maintain muscle mass. Many people start losing muscle mass after age 30 that is linked to higher risks of fractures. This is the reason why scientists recommend distributing protein intake evenly across the day to prevent muscle loss. So, it is ideal to add whey powder in the meals during which you consume less proteins, such as breakfast. It would help you spread the protein intake over the day.

What If You Take Proteins Before Bed?
The older people and those who are looking to build mass, improve recovery can benefit from taking protein before bed. According to a study, pre-sleep protein ingestion helps to improve the skeletal muscle adaptive response to resistance training. This is because amino acids consumed before going to bed get digested easily, preparing the muscles for recovery.

You can consider taking casein supplements that provide the body with a steady amount of proteins throughout the night.

The Bottom Line
There is no denying the fact that proteins are incredibly versatile nutrients. They aid fat loss, build muscles; improve exercise performance, and recovery. Taking it at the right time can help you achieve your health goals. We hope these strategies will help you to use whey proteins better in your everyday routine.

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