What is BIM Pilot Project and what are the necessary steps to start it?


The construction industry on the emergence of BIM has been beneficial in leveraging its advantages. Many of the construction firms have started implementing BIM technology while other is adopting it after government making it mandate in the coming years.

Though implementing BIM will additional surplus costs to the firms, but properly strategy can help the firm to have accuracy and productive results in a project.

Pilot projects involve the role of consultants, and no client integration is there and is a successful implementation plan of BIM. Structured and careful approach is essential components of the firm that starts with leadership and vision which use BIM for the execution of day-to-day projects.

Steps to start BIM Pilot Projects

Steps to initiate a BIM Pilot Project are as follows:

Selection of a Pilot Project

After the groundwork is performed, this step comes forth. If a firm adopts BIM, it is keen to know the effects of BIM transition and unveil BIM capabilities. Selection of Pilot Project for BIM plays a vital role in the construction process. There are several criteria to be considered while selecting the Pilot Project, such as business needs and trend prevailing in the construction industry advent with the implementation of BIM.

The complexity of a project also must be known so that proper planning and strategy can be worked upon. Availability of information for the project for comparison and use of the project to determine the nature of the proper project start the construction process of the project. Project delivery system helps to depict timely deliverables of the project.

All the main stages are measured to understand how BIM has been able to improve the construction and design process. It helps in estimating the ROI for the stakeholders involved in a project.

Learning and Training of BIM Tool through an advanced training method

BIM Drafting Services acquires training that is essential in knowing how the technology works in a construction project. Here is where the pilot Project comes into picture which can be used for evaluating and understanding BIM during training.

BIM implementation would bring a team to be more productive and learn about this software. Implementation of a pilot project helps to understand the method of training required by new people and also helps in understanding the requirement of advanced training for those who are using BIM daily. Strategy for executing the process helps to create a road map and calculate the level of training for employees.

Evaluation & Documentation of Pilot Project

It is vital for the firm to measure and evaluate the difference after the transition to BIM and get an increase in productivity. By this, the team members must define goals or alternate road map that will help them achieve effective results for projects.

All the firms who implement BIM have a major requirement of continuous evaluation and assessment of the procedure carried out in a project. The difference between productivity data and assessment of projects must be understood to term out the productivity in a project. All the project hurdles must be observed and carefully read, so the amount of work is not increased while working on the project.


Successful Pilot projects make the AEC industry clearly understands the importance of using and adopting BIM Services in their projects to carry out more productivity and eliminate rework by team members. All the obstacles while doing a project must be understood to carry out the construction process smoothly. Information flow in the pilot project helps the team members to understand the outcome of the project to be derived and its estimated ROI.

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