Top 10 things to see in Boston

Boston is known for its role in American history but also for having seen bands such as Aerosmith. Boston and its prestigious Harvard University. Boston and Ally McBeal. Boston and John Cena, Uma Thurman and Edward Norton. The main city of Massachusetts, Boston is perhaps not as popular as New York, which is not so far, and it is precisely for this reason that we must go. Holiday Inn Brookline is the perfect place for tourists to stay while touring the state. To realize that it includes a package of exceptional sites, cultural or not. Examples? Here are 10!

1. The Fenway Park

If you hope to attend a game of the legendary Red Sox, the baseball team in Boston, in this stadium no less mythical, it will be necessary to get up early. Everyone wants the same thing. Even those who have nothing to wax baseball. Because of the Fenway, it is perhaps the most known and most popular stage of all the American continent. And if its primary function is to allow the Red Sox to prove their value on the field, we can also see concerts.

2. The Museum of Fine Arts

The biggest museum in Boston is him. A sanctuary for everything related to the Old Egyptian Empire but also painting. French, especially since Gauguin, is well represented. You can also admire Renoir, Manet and Monet, Van Gogh and Cézanne …

3. Samuel Adams Brewery

If you’ve ever drank beer in the US, chances are you’ve tasted, Samuel Adams. Because there, it’s an institution. And when we love it, we must go to the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. To know the history of the brand and to enjoy a drink or two of course.

4. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

It all started with a quarrel over the taxes imposed by the British Empire on the 13 colonies in North America. Then came three boats carrying tea. The only one to have received authorization to be sold on American soil. The tea of ​​discord, which encouraged the revolt of the Americans, quickly convinced that it was better for them to demand independence. In short … If you want to dig a little, the best is still to visit this nice museum, in which you can admire a superb reconstruction of a boat of the time. And since we are in the United States, the reenactments are badly bad.

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5. The Old North Church

The church is remarkable, but so is the neighborhood. A bit of Italy in Boston, with lots of good restaurants, cafes, and shops. A little out of time, the church, meanwhile, can take a little height and learn a ray on the history of the city. And it’s beautiful.

6. Beacon Hill

Perhaps the most beautiful area of ​​Boston. Brick houses, small stalls, various shops … But Beacon Hill also includes a part let’s say less upscale. You can visit the Museum of Afro-American History and it was in the corner that was opened in 1834 the first public high school for African Americans. The historic center of Boston.

7. The Arnold Arboretum

In 2016, this magnificent arboretum was home to 14,562 plants. An amazing movies collection that includes Asian plants but not only. A nice place for a walk between two indoor visits.

8. Cambridge

When we go to Cambridge, in the suburbs of Boston, we must go to Harvard. This is the next point. But we can also go to MIT, another center of knowledge particularly known thanks to the cinema. This is where Ben Affleck grew up and even if it has absolutely nothing to do, it is a city for all things related to restaurants and bars.

9. Harvard

In American movie4me , all ambitious students want to go to Harvard (or Yale). And for good reason, because it is perhaps the most prestigious university in the world. Integrated into the city of Cambridge, near Boston, Harvard is also visited. These include the beautiful inner courtyard, the John Harvard Statue, the Museum of Anthropology, the Peabody, the Harvard Museum of Art (a college with a museum, and in most universities the only works of art). art that can be admired are the drawings on the walls of WC) … One can also simply walk around and gorge on the knowledge floating in the air.

10. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

JFK, the 35th President of the United States of America, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Normal so that the city has been paying tribute to him by opening in 1979 this beautiful museum. There are three theaters, but also JFK memorabilia, exhibits, and many other things that help you understand the journey of the man and his family.