There is an extensive selection of woodworking tools that help your woodworking projects come to life. Whether you are a professional carpenter, construction manager or someone who simply wish to build a DIY project at home, Makita woodworking tools are exclusively made for you. Makita woodwork tools selection range from routers, trimmers, sanders, planers, biscuit jointer and mortiser.

Some of them are Makita woodworking tools are:

  1. i) Makita Router

There are different types of wood routers such as fixed base wood router, plunge base router, multi plunge and fixed router kit, D handle wood router. A Makita router is known for following key features. It has a long tool life due to the big ball bearing. They come in pretty good size making it easy to use plunge router for small jobs, easy to cut into material due to  1 ⅜” plunge depth capacity and the precision cutting made possible by plunge depth adjustment control.

  1. ii) Makita Trimmer

A cordless string trimmer is one of a wide range of tools produced by Makita. Makita power tools are used by most tradesmen because they are super reliable and are well designed for easy usage. Makita cordless string trimmer is nicely balanced, highly adaptable and easy to use in confined spaces.

iii) Makita Sanders

Makita GV5020 5-inch Disc Sander is one of the most comfortable sanders without any doubt. The handgrip is ergonomically designed for the users ensuring the highest level of comfort. The sheer power that the sander provides is amazing; the sander can reach as much as 4500 RPM. The Makita sander is a combination of power and comfort.

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