The best jewelries to gift her on her special day

Have a big occasion coming up and you are still confused about the perfect jewelry to gift her. Well, do not worry at all. All your confusions will be solved here. Be it her birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or baby shower you have to gift her something. Among various other gifts that you can give her jewelry is one of them. It is precious and women adore jewelry items. Buying a jewelry item can be tricky if you don’t have the right knowledge about it.

Gifting a jewelry item can be sign of a serious commitment and freak her out but not if it comes truly from the bottom of your heart. But even a small piece of jewelry can in fact make her feel more special. But the range of jewelry can be differentiated according to different relationship status. When we talk mention ‘her’, well she can be your mother, your wife or girlfriend, your sister or sister-in-law, your grandmother etc. So, all you need to do is select the right jewelry that is best suited for your occasion and also your relationship status. Many jewelry shopshave got a wide range of exquisite jewelry collection from which you can choose the best one for her.

Even a small piece of jewelry can make her happy. So, you really don’t need to go out of your budget. A ring, necklace, cuffs or earrings are some of the jewelry that is best as a gift item and also comes under your budget easily. You cannot just give anything to her. Know what her choice or her style is and what she prefers. She may like something bold or sleek or colorful. In case you are not really sure about her preference, then be on the safe side by gifting her something subtle like waman hari pethe earrings. If you have known her for a while and also noticed her jewelry preference then that may give you a hint. But still if you find yourself stuck then may be her closest friends would know and taking their help would help you to figure out your choices.

So, here are some of the types of jewelry that you can gift her and the various designsare sure to leave you with more choices.

Casual jewelry

As already said you really don’t have to have a high budget when buying jewelry for her. Even a small item within your budget can be very special if given from the heart.  Some of the designs are given below which are casual ones but still fancy and special. So, these make a great option for gift no matter what the relationship status is or how long you have known each other. Waman hari pethe jhumka design and other jewelries are unique and elegant. All that matters is the thought behind giving that jewelry as a gift and also to add to her collection of accessories.

1.       One in a million necklace

If you want a jewelry which is to be gifted to your partner, wife or girlfriend, then this delicate neckpiece is the perfect for her. She’s one in a million for you after all and no matter how many you tell her that, it won’t be enough. She may be a simple girl, who isn’t really a big fan of large and too flashy jewelries. But this delicate silver, one in a million sand dollared neckpiece is the perfect for her every day wear. This one matches any outfit and will also remind how special she is.

2.       The XO pendant

The girl who loves to make a statement for her, this XO lariat pendant will suit her perfectly. You can buy this in 14 karat rose gold, yellow gold or even in silver. This suits the girls with a plunging neckline and it is really a pretty piece of jewelry and also makes a good gift.

3.       Cuffs

For a more delicate personalization, gold or a silver bracelet is a reallymodest way of sending a sweet message. You can even customize these bracelets by putting the initials of her name on the top of these bracelets. This is a piece of jewelry which can be worn alone or along with other bangles and bracelets too. You can even think of gifting charm bracelets. These are also a unique item and good for daily wear purpose. These charm bracelets can be customized as well.

4.       Necklace with initials

These necklaces bearing the initials of a person can never go out of fashion. It is something which is loved by all at first sight. It even makes the most perfect gift item. It comes in a wide range of styles like you can get it in diamond stone pendants or even in polished metal initials. It makes sure to complement any outfit and can be worn as a daily wear too.

5.       Rings

Want the most affordable jewelry item to gift her? Go for rings then. They are fashionable, stylish and most importantly affordable. You only need to make a little investment in this kind of jewelry items. Rings can be unique in their own way and is perfect as a gift for her, no matter what the relationship status is. You can choose a heart ring, infinity ring, delicate sparkle ring, interwoven rings etc.

6.       Earrings

Hoop earrings are trendy these days and happily complement any outfit that you wear. These are fashionable and create a style statement. You will find a wide range of options to choose from according to what she prefers like large statement ones or understated small ones. It will complement with her preference very well.

Always remember that the size of the jewelry item does not matter. What matters is your initiative to gift her something to make her feel more special and your feelings behind it. These jewelry items listed above are just the perfect one for gifting purpose. Go ahead and make her the happiest one. Budget friendly jewelry items are available online as well.

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