Removing Adhesive Residue on Carpet

The first aid action of removing adhesive residue on the carpet

Generally adhesive is very intricate to remove from a carpet for its typical chemical composition that adheres items together. Adhesive comes from either synthetic or natural sources are very adherent in nature and once falls on the fabric of the carpet can be very tough to remove if required steps are not taken immediately. Here we will be going to discuss two different procedures that may help to remove adhesive residue on your carpet:

Removing an Adhesive – For removing adhesive residue on your carpet the first thing about which you needed to be accomplished is the residue of the glue and that it can attract dust, dirt and any particulate matter thus creating a new stain. Once you know the composition and the chemical makeup of the glue figuring out the solution will be quite easier. The adhesive is a petroleum-based chemical so the best solution is a petroleum-based product. For dealing with adhesive removal Goof off is the most commonly used product which can be found in any home depot, as well as rubbing alcohol and De-Solve-It. Before trying any technique try a test application on a small spot to avoid discoloration or fabric damage in your carpet.

First of all, try to scrape off as much adhesive as possible.
Now test your chosen chemical in a hidden area of the carpet. If the composition turns out to be suitable then apply a small amount of cleaner to the residue. Try to apply it within 12 inches and see the result before applying to the whole area.
After that wear rubber gloves and gently rub the area of the carpet to make the cleaner effective so that it helps to loosen up the residue.
Then with a soft cloth gently rub the fibers of the carpet to remove the residue. Continue cleaning the surface with the clean areas of the cloth until the debris is gone.
Try to repeat the process on to the next section.
When you are done with cleaning of the residue it’s time to remove the cleaning product.
For removing the cleaning product wash the area with a mild soap or detergent and water mixture. Now gently wipe the area with a moistened soft cloth until the cleaner is gone.
Allow the cleaned area to dry completely.
Finally, vacuum the cleaned area to restore the fibers to their normal texture.

There are several other ways of removing an adhesive from the carpet depending upon its types like craft glue, adhesive tape, and super glue. Specifically for removing craft glue use distilled white vinegar or a dishwashing soap. For removing of adhesive tape apply WD-40 to the adhesive and for removing super glue use a product with d-Limonene. With this technique removing adhesive residue on your carpet will become easier provided try to follow the instructions as mentioned. You can also opt for professional service if you think the problem is too critical to handle on your own.

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