Proven Ways To Launch Your Own Start Up

How To Launch Your Startup?

So now you are more than over with being a corporate machine and you want to enjoy your life on a beach while making money on a laptop? This is majorly a dream come true for most of us – starting our own business, or in the millennial language, starting a startup. But dreams are dreams until acted upon. So come, let us see how you can launch your startup

Ask someone for advice

Before going to an unknown place, you often tend to browse a map of the locality online, so why not ask for a wise man’s advice before starting up? When you start a business, you are constantly in need of answers like how to get your business incorporated? Or how to get your business online? You will need many answers like these, so you need to find learned people who can answer your queries and can help you through the process. Also, you can hire these advice-givers to work on that particular advice and sense the magic happening. When you are testing new waters, you need support with you to face the unexpected and get through it unharmed. These people who give their best advice to support your startup are the support you will need to churn out great revenues from your business. 

Work with someone who pushes you to the extreme

There’s a proverb written by the great poet Kabir in the Hindi language, which translates to ‘Keep your critics close to you as they are your dear ones because they cleanse your flaws without any soap or water.’ So keep someone who pushes you to bring out the best in you. Working with a co-founder or an employee who constantly pokes you to perfection is what you need to succeed in launching your start-up. 

Talk to your potential customers

Startups are pretty much like Abraham Lincoln’s government – they are of the people, for the people, by the people. The way you run your business will not only affect you but it will also affect your potential customers. The way you sell things and the things you will sell are going to become an important part of your potential customers’ lives. So you need to interact with your customers and see what they like and what they dislike. Take their say into consideration to successfully launch your startup. When you respect your customers’ viewpoints, they feel pledged and special and want to return to you for purchasing more for you. 

Take your startup online

What startup will be a startup if it’s not online? Will you consider something legitimate without an online website? There is a 99% chance that you said no in your head to the previous question. So how can you expect your customers to consider your business genuine and running? Apart from this, going online will bring an ascend in the number of your potential customers, making room for more sales and more revenues. Going online is not a task anymore if you figure out a good blueprint of your online startup website. A blueprint in tandem with a great search engine optimized content can churn out a remarkable website with huge reach and an equally high-profit margin. 

After going through all these steps, when we finally think about launching our own startup, the primary question that pops up in our mind is – what will be my company’s name? Well, you need not take any hassle of naming your company. Why? Let’s find out. 

Brand Naming Agency

The reason why it’s said above to not take the hassle of naming your own company is that the market has professionals who professionalize in naming people’s companies. These professionals work as a team and call themselves a Brand Naming Agency. They know exactly what your company could use and do with a name. 

When you hire a naming agency, they will do the following things to name your company right.

  • Market Research – When you decide to launch a startup, you need to know the whole and soul of the area your business will be operating in. The agency you hire will test the turbulent waters for you and do thorough research over your target audience and geographical location. 
  • Segregating names – After the agency you hire has successfully researched your targeted audience, they will brainstorm their masterminds into segregating some of the better names for your company.
  • Testing legality – After segregating names, the professionals will check the availability of the names with the United States’ Patent Office and will cut out the names which are already taken by someone in the world. This way your new startup will avoid any legal issues down the road. 
  • Choosing the best – Following the segregation and legal checks come the part where these professionals will choose the best name among several names. The best name according to them will be the one that goes best with local lingual trends and search engine optimization. 

These were some of the ways that can help you to launch your dream startup, without any hassle. Remember, working for yourself at 30,000$ a year is not slavery while working a job that you hate for 60,000$ a year is. Take the leap of faith from the cliff of entrepreneurship and witness the changes in your life like a boss. Remember, the only way to be happy is to follow your own heart, but in the case of naming a company, don’t follow your own heart, you may be called an emotional fool. So get help from trained brand namers today. 


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