Benefits of an HR Management Software Demo

For many HR departments, automating day-to-day tasks could save hours of work. Some may even be looking to adopt an HR management system (HRMS), which allows users to digitize and automate many HR functions, such as payroll, time entry, onboarding and hiring procedures.

For companies hesitant to make this transition, HRMS providers offer free demos for their clients before they make any decisions. Though it may seem trivial, demos for HRMS software can provide accurate visualizations of their programs to help companies make their transition into digitized HR management. Here is how it works:

Free and Easy to Access

Most HRMS software offers demos free of charge, usually lasting anywhere from a week to a whole month. Instead of requiring you to download files to run the program, HRMS demos provide a browser version of the software, which you can access easily. All a potential buyer has to do is provide some basic information (name, phone number, email, name of business) and they will receive a confirmation code to access their demo.

Get a Visual for What the Program Looks Like

HRMS demos provide a visual representation of what the program will look like once it is populated with data. If one were to open up the demo for Bamboo HR’s HRMS program, for example, they will see all company information, including the workers who are not working on any given day and the user’s own vacation hours and sick days.

OrangeHRM’s demo, on the other hand, shows the user a dashboard with graphs summarizing employee distribution per sub-unit, as well as number of leave hours taken by employees. Notifications for client news and documents are also available on the dashboard, allowing employers to get access to important information instantly.

Clickable links to show off all functionality

With Bamboo HR’s HRMS, the user can access various tabs labeled “Home,” “My Info,” “People,” “Hiring,” “Reports” and “Files.” These tabs allow demo users to look at employee profiles, hiring statuses, candidate profiles and important files–all of which are populated with sample data and sample profiles to give a realistic picture of what the HRMS software would look like.

OrangeHRM’s demo has similar accessible demo tabs, but also includes such tools as employee trackers and individual development plans. It also boasts an on boarding

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section filled with fake events and information concerning a company’s employees. Though not all of these contain dummy data, they can still give the user a good understanding of the

software’s functionality and capabilities.

Try a Demo Today!

The most beneficial part of HR management software demos is that companies can try them out, compare them and take as long as they need before making a decision. The demo options outlined above are just a sampling of the available programs out there; there is very likely one on the market today that will meet your company’s specific needs.

HRMS demos help companies more easily make the transition from manually handling time-consuming tasks to letting technology take control!