Pros and cons of studying languages in London

London is an iconic city which is home to modern architecture, sites and culture. It has a blended history with diverse and bustling population. Studying in London can expose you to countless moments in history that this iconic city has gone through. You can find people from almost all the countries going on with their lives in London.  This blog will take you through all the positive and negative sides of studying language in London.

Diversity: It is a huge city attracting millions of people worldwide to update their lifestyle and enroll in best institutes. You can interact with people from different religions,  ethnicity, languages, political views, ideologies and what not.  The diversity can be defined by exploring the markets which are particular to certain cultures and people. Students enrolled in different language programs in London are exposed to different cultures which broadens their vision and gives them clear understanding of the varied perspectives with which the individuals associate themselves.

No language barrier: There is no language barrier in London. English being the official language is spoken by 98 per-cent of the population,  so there is no need to learn a new language in order to communicate with the locals. Studying abroad with a language barrier can be hectic at times.

Convenient transportation:The cities and towns are connected with an exemplary metro and train system. You can just board a train to travel into Belgium or even France. Its affordable and convenient to travel around in metros or trains when you have plans of exploring UK.

Food: London is home to decades old classic restaurants to all the new latest food trends coming up from all around the world. It has a microcosm diversity when it comes to food as it has been embracing fusion and tradition since ages. You can find restaurants catering to all the cultures and traditions.

Nature zones: It may sound a bit astonishing to you but you can find so many green spaces in London to clear your thoughts and mind. The very famous Hyde park, which has its historical and political heritage, Greenwich park, Kensington park, St. James park and many others parks which will give you an escape from your normal routine.

Expensive lifestyle: London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Food, clothing,  transportation and medical expenses are also very high in London. It’s the global center of all the new latest fashion trends and technology in the world. Your budget might not be able to fit into the lifestyle which London would offer you. So it’s better to plan your travel in accordance with the living expenses.

Health care facilities: You might find cure to each and every health issue in London but it all comes with a hefty price. You have to take good care of your health in order to stay fit and healthy to avoid medical expenses.

So, if you are planning to explore a language school in London, you need to understand all the aforementioned points before getting into the process. It’s a great place to learn and explore the world with a broader mindset.


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