Moving From Sydney to the Gold Coast? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

Had enough of Sydney’s notorious traffic jams? Or have the steep house prices made your dream of becoming a homeowner seem like an all-too-distant possibility? Perhaps you just received a great job offer set up in the Gold Coast, and can’t simply turn it down.

Whatever the reason, if you are thinking about moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney, there are plenty of advantages to be had. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the Gold Coast scene, here are five things that you should know:

1. The Gold Coast is generally more affordable.

Although 2019 saw Sydney drop out the world’s top 10 most expensive cities to live in to rank sixteenth, you will find a lot of things to be a bit cheaper in the Gold Coast.

This includes rent prices, which are about 34.31% lower in the Gold Coast area than in Sydney. With accommodation being a primary factor when it comes to house relocation, it should come as a welcome surprise to note that you can stretch that dollar much further in your new place.

In fact, you may even realise your dream of becoming a homeowner sooner than you think since real estate prices are significantly lower in the Gold Coast than in Sydney.

The same can be said for restaurant offerings, consumer goods, market staples, leisure-related

expenses, and transportation costs.

2. The Gold Coast offers a host of outdoor activities.

While the Gold Coast may have been under the radar for a long time, having been traditionally associated with schoolies and retirees, it is by no means nondescript.

It is actually a beautifully multifaceted place that offers an interesting, healthful, and adventurous lifestyle to those who seek it.

Like most of Australia, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy here, such as Burleigh Head, Nobby Beach, Koolangatta Beach, Main Beach, and Kirra Beach. Aside from being a surfers’ haven, the Gold Coast offers trekking and hiking opportunities, particularly in the hinterland.

The Gold Coast also features a number of theme parks, theatres, cinemas, art galleries, and museums for those who delight in cultural excursions. For gastronomes, the city has a bustling restaurant scene featuring various cuisines, cosy cafes, and healthful fare to choose from.

This means that you not only have the sun, sea, and sand at your doorstep but also green forests welcoming you with open arms, and everything else in between.

3. The Gold Coast is relatively more laidback.

If the hustle and bustle of Sydney life has begun to wear you down, then the Gold Coast will certainly be a major shift. Though far from being a ‘sleepy town,’ Gold Coast life is more laidback, relaxed and generally quieter.

This is not to say that living in the Gold Coast is ever boring (review point No. 2). However, it is definitely a place where you can work with relative ease, away from the life-sapping intensity of high-stress urban living characteristic of heavily congested Sydney.

Of course, it also helps that the city has an efficient transportation system. You have the option to get around by taking a bus, taxi, train or tram.

4. The Gold Coast supports a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Aside from offering both families and single individuals alike opportunities to enjoy various outdoor activities, you will find this part of the country to be quite safe, providing a great environment for children to grow up and learn.

Fresh organic produce is also highly accessible since there are a number of farmers’ markets Gold Coast residents can choose from other than the typical Woolworths or Coles.

The overall tamer environment that is the Gold Coast also offers former Sydney natives a break from the everyday stress associated with the much busier New South Wales metropolis.

5. The Gold Coast boasts a sub-tropical climate.

The city, aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State, enjoys generally mild to warm weather for the greater part of the year.

Summer can be pretty humid, with temperatures falling between 21 and 28.5°C, and the month of February having the most rainfall. Autumn is mostly a pleasant period with temperatures ranging from 18 to 25.7°C in the daytime. Winter nights are always cool while daytime is usually sunny and dry. Daytime temperatures generally fall between 12.5 and 21.5°C. The mild weather characteristic of spring comes with temperatures averaging 17 to 25.5°C in the daytime.

Get ready for what awaits you in the Gold Coast

All set for your move to the Gold Coast?

If you haven’t quite decided yet, the information shared here should help convince you that the Gold Coast is a great place to live.

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