Luxurious Amenities Which Make Dubai Hills Villa Ideal Place for Investment

Dubai has made remarkable progress within the last few decades that is just not verbal, but also acknowledged by several international real estate ranking websites. Knight Frank Wealth ranked Dubai as 16th most popular city in the world and termed it the only city in Middle East ‘That Matter’. The growing popularity and countless business opportunities have attracted millions of investors who want a great place to live in with family.To overcome residential needs, new societies and communities are being developed and among all the luxurious societies, Dubai Hills Properties has successfully made its place and come out one of the favorite place for families.

Dubai Hills Villa-A Brief Introduction

Investing in Dubai Hills Villa is a choice you are not going to regret ever. It’s unlike any other community in Dubai and offers amenities which you don’t find anywhere else. Nothing can be categorized as ‘average’ here as the place is designed to deliver premium facilities to residents. Luxurious villas have unique interiors and awe-inspiring exterior which appeal every eye and ensure maximum comfort to your family.

Whether you want to admit your children in a great educational institution or desire to provide amazing entertainment facilities to your family, Dubai Hills Villa answers to your all needs and give you all amenities you have been longing for. Some of the most popular facilities you find here include golf club, shopping malls, restaurants, and tennis academy. But, the list doesn’t end here rather it’s just a start. The place has a lot to offer and it’s the reason as of why the place is comparable to Emirates Hills in luxurious facilities. Without any further ado, let’s discuss the attributes which make it a perfect family-friendly community.

Peaceful Environment: The society is developed at a distant location from the city where you don’t have to bear the noise of hefty traffic. No doubt, individuals and youngsters prefer a place in the heart of the city so they can access every entertainment and enjoy the city lifestyle. But the case doesn’t go well with families as they want to raise children in a peaceful place free from pollution, noise, and disturbance.

Ultra-Modern Amenities: It’s a project of Emaar Developers who are known for their unique and well-planned projects rich of extravagant facilities. Every villa gives a new definition of perfection and luxurious property. The community is divided into five different types of villas which vary in attributes and amenities. You can invest in Classic, Contemporary Accommodations, Modern, Mediterranean, and Contemporary Arabesque.

Dubai Hills Villa has the largest swimming pool of the Middle East while the other amenities include gold courses, art galleries, and beautiful lawns. There multiple shared amenities such as lakes and entertainment parks which you won’t find in the communities present in the main city. If you talk about the exclusive facilities of Dubai Hills Villa, then the top ones include high speed internet, private elevator, garage, security systems, smart home technology, cinemas, and more.

Feasible Payment Plans: It’s a perception that buying property in Dubai isn’t an easy task and you have to deposit half of the amount initially. Dubai Hills Villa has proved it wrong and made the investment process extremely easy for investors. Unlike the other family –friendly communities, you don’t have to deposit half of the amount initially rather there are different types of plans available which you can opt for as per your convenience. The availability of different payment methods gives peace of mind that there is always a payment method for you that you can follow to get your ideal property.

Affordable Rents: It’s a fact that Dubai offers more facilities to its residents than they pay for. Every family-friendly community has entertainment places, theme parks, chains of international restaurants, and more. You can spend quality time with family and enjoy precious moments together in a peaceful place where there are no security issues and or any other problem. The same case is with Dubai Hills Villa rich of amenities and entertainment facilities.

Highly affordable rents are another big reason for choosing the community. Annual rent for anapartment in Dubai Hill Villa is between 110,000 AED to 200,000AED while you have to pay 180,000 AED to 4000,000 rent per annum for a villa.

What is more exciting than investing in such an amazing place? Invest in Dubai Hills Villa that is a place full of beauty, peace, and future prospects you surely won’t want to miss.

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