IT Certifications That Matters

One field that has seen the most innovation in a very short span of time is Information and technology. There seems to be no boundary for the growth of this particular industry in the near future. This is the main reason why everyone is taking the turns and joining this ever growing vast field to get a booming start to their career and endless growth.

Today, companies are more connected, networked, and technology-focused then ever before. This demands the need of the candidates with the right skills and knowledge of the current IT trends to make the future of these companies even brighter. This puts a great demand for workers to further enhance their skills, knowledge, and learning.

Regardless of how good you are at your job, the changes in trends in the field of IT will fall you short if you won’t stay updated and learn new skills. One of the easiest ways to get the new booming IT skills is getting IT certifications. In fact, today, an entry-level candidate can earn significantly more than the seniors with these certifications and latest skills. So, no matter if you’re just starting out in IT or are an expert, getting IT certifications will surely sharpen your skills, and keep you in the race.

Here, the actual question is, which IT cert should you choose? To help you out in choosing the right and the trending IT certification for you, we have listed down the top IT certifications that matter. So, put aside your confusion and decide today what is the next (maybe first) IT cert for you.

Top 10 IT Certifications That Matters

Almost all of the IT certifications are significantly important, still, there are some of the top certifications that are in more demand than the others. Many organizations are appreciating their employees to get more and more certifications to get the maximum benefits. In the same way, many individuals are adding as many certifications as they can to prove they are tech savvy. From Microsoft to Cisco, cloud to security, ITSM to DevOps, each and every certification holds numerous benefits both for the candidate and the employer. Here are the top 10 IT certs that are the talk of the most and more in-demand.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

With cloud technology becoming the norm of today, this AWS Solution Architect Associate certification holds high regard in the IT industry. It prepares an individual to design and deploy systems using one of the biggest cloud platforms i.e the AWS platform. This certification also opens your ways to get professional certifications, thus, more knowledge and better skills. The average salary of an individual with this certification is $117,773 annually.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

DevOps has become an important part of many IT companies. Also, because it is comparatively new, the number of individuals with the right skills is far less. AWS certified DevOps Professional certification gives the skills to perform many IT tasks like automation of security controls, implementation of delivery systems, and deployment of monitoring systems on the AWS platform. The average yearly salary of an individual with this cert is $112,984.

CompTIA Network+

This is another top IT certification that holds a high value in the IT industry. CompTIA Network+ signifies an individual’s competency in planning, installing, configuring, maintaining, managing, troubleshooting basic network infrastructure. An individual with CompTIA Network+ certification makes around $74,000 annually.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is supposed to be a qualifying credential for individuals responsible for IT operational roles. It teaches skills like the understanding of networking and operating systems, mobile devices, security, also troubleshooting and problem-solving. A person with CompTIA A+ certification earns around $59,000 a year.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is the first and foremost certification that every individual pursuing cybersecurity as a career should get. This certification teaches the fundamental skills required from cybersecurity experts like planning and executing the steps to make the system and the network secure. On average, a person with CompTIA Security+ cert makes around $59,000 annually.

Certified Scrum Master

Another important certification to pursue in your IT career is Scrum Master Cert. Today, project management sees a huge talent gap in the IT companies and this is where a Certified Scrum Master certification can come for a rescue. For every individual striving to become a project manager in the coming future should pursue this certification. This cert gives the ability to manage and supervise bigger projects effectively and in a timely manner. The average salary that a project manager with this certification gets is $88,319.

CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNA Routing and Switching certs i.e ICND1 certification and ICND2 certification, push skills like planning, implementing, verifying, and troubleshooting complex networks. Also, this certification is one of the most pursued certifications. CCNA Routing and Switching certifications give the required skills to overcome the shortcomings that occur when technology surpasses training. The normal pay scale of an individual with this cert is $59,000 per annum.

Project Management Professional

Project management is highly pursued career today. This is why PMP certification is considered as one of the most significant and in-demand certs. Individuals with PMP cert have higher-than-normal pay scale. This certification gives the skills required to manage the projects professionally and with the right expertise. The average yearly pay scale of PMP certified candidates ranges between $114,000 and $144,000.

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation Certification is basically an entry-level certification. However, a good way to start your career since ITIL Foundation certified candidates are paid well as compared to the employees without it. This cert helps you in understanding the IT lifecycle and teaches skills to manage business outcomes and risk. The average salary of candidates with this certification is $13,333 per annum.

Azure Administrator Certification

This is another important IT certification that matters the most. This cert enables individuals with skills including the knowledge of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining Azure solutions. The individuals also know how to deal with responsibilities related to computing, network, storage, and security on the Microsoft Azure platform. The normal pay scale for employees with this cert ranges between $105,000 to $168,500 annually.

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