How To Treat Severe acne and precaution

Acne or simply we say pimples, is a very common skin problem which normally occurs to teenagers because of changing hormones due to many reasons like puberty, menstruation and sometimes changing lifestyle. However, this is not only the problem of teenagers but sometimes the pimples irritate to any age group people.

The acne can be treated with many home remedies but there is some situation which simply gives you the sign that the severe acne needs a doctor to get medical treatment.

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And symptoms of severe acne.

Symptoms of severe acne

Although Pimples are very common, still there are some conditions which give the symptom to treat acne medically. Some of the major signs of severe acne are:

  • The very first symptoms of acne are blackheads and whiteheads on face.
  • Papules are a type of acne which is small red with tender bumps.
  • Pimples with pus.
  • Nodules are painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin which are large and solid.
  • Cystic lesions are just like nodules but it has pus-filled lumps with severe pain.

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Causes of Acne

Medically, the acne grows because of the oil glands beneath the surface of the skin. The glands produce sebum which carries the dead skin out through follicles. But when these follicles get blocked the pimples start to grow. And if these are not treated on time the situation may get more worsen.

Apart from these, there are many other conditions which are responsible for severe acne, such as:

  • Imbalance of Hormones.
  • Excess production of oil from the skin.
  • Side effects from medicines.
  • Excess use of cosmetic products.
  • Stress and Depression.
  • Bad Lifestyle of consuming too much alcohol and smoking.
  • Consumption of too much oily and junk food.
  • In ladies, the menstruation is also one common problem of developing pimples.

Treatment of Acne

The treatment of acne is always different from one to other people because it always depends on the situation and type of acne.

If one is having mild acne then it can be treated with common medical soap, gel, lotion, and creams.

For severe acne doctors normally provide you some effective drugs like benzoyl peroxide, Panoxyl, Persagel, Retinoids, and antibiotics. All these medicines work differently which depend on the nature of acne. Consult with the doctor, know the type of acne and then take medicines through prescription to avoid any type of side effects.

Sometimes the medically proved Hormonal therapy is also beneficial to prevent pimples.

Final word

Acne or pimples are very common to all age groups and these are not taken as a serious disease. But in actual the acne is a skin disease which may black mark the face beauty. So, treat the pimples medically from doctors before the acne grows to the severe acne.

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