How to Avoid of Recurrence of Sinusitis

I am sharing a story of a friend, a long-term sinus patient with a bit more information that I am sure most patients of sinus or chronic sinus are unaware of. My friend suffered for over a year and a half from lack of sleep and a failed treatment of stubborn sinus infections, until one day, a CT scan finally revealed a glowing gray in the image of her skull. The walls of swollen sinuses were a layer of mucus so thick that OTC nasal sprays, steroids, and, even, antibiotics failed to penetrate it.

She was one of those 12 – 14 % of the population who live with chronic sinusitis. If you can believe, sinusitis or chronic sinusitis is the number one reason that makes people visit an ENT doctor. Even though it’s prevalent everywhere, medical researchers are still working to learn exactly how a regular sinus infection can turn into a long-term or chronic problem.

Even the debates on ‘how and why the cavities behind our faces (paranasal sinuses) evolved in the first place’ are not able to conclude how do people get the infection. But you’ll be happy to know that research is now expanding to examine the role of genetic and immune-system players in the condition. A lot of therapies now being tested in clinical trials, new surgical devices have made the cure possible and have the potential to give ENT specialists, the finest treatment options in decades.

Sinusitis and Chronic Sinus in detail

How does it affect us?

Chronic sinusitis only develops when a patient has a long history of inflamed sinuses. Although, it is known that sinuses can easily get inflamed from agents such as bacteria or fungi. These agents or pathogens reach into the nose and trigger immune responses. Just so you know, apart from stuffed sinuses, patients of sinusitis endure a lot of symptoms from disturbed sleep, fatigue, dizziness, coughing, popping ears, tooth pain to a lost sense of smell.

In the beginning, most patients experience acute sinusitis where tissues get inflamed from a cold or allergies. After some time, the immune system takes over and relives from symptoms on its own. But for some patients, infection or inflammation, in the beginning, seal off all exits to the nose and throat. The same may lead to blockage of mucus, bacteria, & pus in the nasal cavity, which make the immune response & sinusitis symptoms continue indefinitely. So, here’s the thing, when symptoms of sinus infection resolve on its own, it’s known as acute sinusitis. When the condition recurs and persists for over 3 months, it is called chronic sinusitis.

“A patient’s story: From pain to cure”

“I was able to manage the pain from a sinus infection, but the low energy levels are stealing the joy of life. It hurts mostly when my kid is crying, maybe from hunger or pain, but I am not able to attend to his needs at all. Each spring, I have to battle with pollen, dust, cat dander, and other allergies. The allergies triggered polyps to grow in the sinuses, causing severe headaches, increased facial pressure around the eyes, head and also cause breathing troubles. Once winter arrives, sinus infection gets all over my routine and leaves me incapable of managing even small daily tasks. There were times when I couldn’t breathe out of my nose for a month. After a year of allergy and sinusitis symptoms, along with a failed sinus surgery, I was in a desperate search for relief.”

“My journey to find relief”

“It began with a referral, but it was a clinic that I was referred to, not a doctor. In addition to this, I was going to take a recommended cutting-edge procedure to fight sinus and cure for good.

The procedure was endoscopic sinus surgery with advanced equipment, microdebrider. The treatment was daycare, i.e., performed on an out-patient basis, said to painless and enabling a faster recovery.

When I reached the clinic, I met with the doctor. He was an ENT specialist. After a thorough diagnosis and listening to me for a few minutes, he completed the diagnosis. He mentioned we are providing a faster, safer and effective way to deliver cure without leaving patients in pain or bed-ridden for weeks. Soon, you’ll be able to sit right in the office, cater to the needs of your kid and never have to worry about sinus symptoms.”

“Improved quality of life”

“Before undergoing an advanced treatment of sinus, FESS with microdebrider, I use to experience at least 3 episodes of sinus infections each year. But now, I have more energy, no longer suffer from headaches, and I can breathe. Also,  I spend a lot of time with my kid.

A lot of people try to power through the pain, take OTC medications and home remedies, they never worked for me, but the surgical treatment has truly improved the quality of my life.”

End the sinus recurrence and breath better!

With the development and application of endoscopic sinus surgery, patients can take the treatment of sinus disease and relieve the pain and cure it for good. Before the advent of endoscopic procedures, surgical treatment for sinus was performed through external incisions, they use to leave marks and scar tissues. But now, thanks to minimally invasive technology, it can be done on an outpatient basis as a daycare treatment allowing a faster and more convenient recovery for patients.

The most important endoscopic instruments used to treat sinus infection or sinusitis by ENT surgeons is the microdebrider. It is the most powerful instrument for removal of diseased or obstructive sinus tissue. With the help of microdebrider, ENT specialists and surgeons can precisely target the areas of the sinuses which is affected while leaving other areas untouched.

A microdebrider is used to open the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses. The same results in the reduction of frequency, severity, and persistence of sinus infections. Also, ENT specialists are now utilizing endoscopy in the treatment of many different kinds of sinus problems including chronic sinusitis, removal of cysts and polyps, and other problems.

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Instead of taking home-remedies to prevent or treat symptoms of chronic sinusitis, you can go for a modern treatment. Simpler treatments do give relief from infection, helps prevent future attacks but if you are already suffering from chronic sinusitis, you need to take the best measures to protect yourself. In case the condition has already gone severe, you need to consult with an ENT specialist and know the procedure of advanced treatments.

The same treatments are performed with modern equipment, latest & advanced surgical devices at Pristyn Care where my friend was able to get relief from the symptoms of the sinus with minimal complications In simpler words, it improves breathing, quality of life, & helps regain the sense of smell. If you are facing the recurrent sinus infection, make an appointment with the best ENT doctor based on patient feedback at Pristyn Care.

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