Flowers for Your Wedding

Wedding without flowers are impossible to think of. One cannot think of walking down the aisle without having a bunch of pretty flowers in their hands. Also, when it comes to decorating the venue, then also flowers do play a very important part.

Here are some popular wedding flowers which can easily fit the bill.


They have been considered as the symbol of beauty from ages. Roses have been associated with many fairy tales and myths as well.  And when it comes to colours and varieties, roses are never boring. This is because they are available in a lot of solid colours and some bi colours as well. More than 3000 varieties of roses are available throughout the year and they are actually very much affordable. For wedding purposes, the rose varieties that are majorly used are spray roses (rose with 5 to 10 small heads on each stem), hybrid tea roses (uniformly shaped commercial roses) and garden rose (old fashion varieties with a delicious smell).


They are mostly associated with the place called Netherlands but they are mainly a native from Persia. They are mainly grown in wide range of hues pastel shades (yellow, pink and peach) along with white and cream and some vibrant shaded as well (magenta, orange, red). They versatile colours of tulip can easily perk up the wedding setting. They go very well with casual wedding venues. In case of weddings the varieties of tulips that are mainly used are French tulips (elegant and have extra-long stems), Dutch tulips (garden tulips) and Parrot tulips (intense colours and striped petals).

Calla Lilies

They are also known as the arum lily and they are originated in Africa. There are mainly 2 types available and one is the large headed variety with smooth stem and the miniature version with small stems. In this flower, the colour called creamy ivory is the most popular one but they are also available in other colours like purple, yellow, and orange and pink.

Lily of the Valley

They are the tiny bell shaped florets which has a thin stem. They are mainly available for spring weddings and one can use them as a wedding flower by trying to infuse them in a classy wedding bouquet. They are mostly available in white colour but there is a rare variety of rosy pink as well.


They are mainly available in intense shades of pink, burgundy, blue and purple. They can form a very charming wedding bouquet. They are mainly available in white shades along with pink, blue and burgundy.


They do have a very impressive beauty and they also have a very strong perfume. They are mainly cultivated in the lands of Asia for more than 1000 years and a wedding bouquet made from this can look really gorgeous. They are mainly available from late springs to early summers.

Adding up some vibrant flowers in the wedding bouquet and in the venue arrangements can make the thing really gorgeous and exclusive.

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