7 Beauty Tips for a Hot Summer

In an ideal world, we can all stay gorgeous and fashionable at any time of year. Then, a particularly hot summer comes by, and your shirt is sticking to your skin, you’re sweating, hot and bothered. Basically, you look nothing like you did at home in front of the mirror.

Not so gorgeous now, are we? Below, we discuss seven ways for you to continue looking beautiful during the hot summer!

Keep Baby Powder with You

Sure, a day out at the beach or a day trip to Melbourne is a great thing to do in summer. However, when the day trip ends, you realize just how stubborn sand can be when it sticks to your body.

Here’s where baby powder comes to your rescue. Baby powder can absorb excess moisture when applied on your skin, and you will find that you can then wipe off the sand easily.

Consider Anti-Sweat Injections

Some of us are a little more unfortunate and suffer from excessive sweating. This does not fare well for everyone involved, especially in the hot summer heat.

While a botoxhyperhydrosis may sound a little intimidating, this is a simple injection procedure to help treat and control excessive sweating – especially under the armpits.

There are temporary and long-lasting procedures to help you deal with excessive sweating, and it is usually much more affordable than you might expect.

Bring Out the Waterproof Make-Up

You do not want your mascara to start forming streaks down your face when you are all sweaty.

Waterproof make-up may be a little more pricey than other everyday make-up, but you are going to appreciate having it when the heat strikes. You can use your regular make-up in other seasons and save the waterproof one for summer to save some cost.

Some essential waterproof make-up includes mascara, eyeliner, concealer and lip tint, but you can always purchase other make-up items that you regularly use too.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunburn is not attractive, and it causes your skin’s health to decline too!

Always apply sunscreen before you head out. Take the time to find sunscreen designed for facial use, and use it before you start your waterproof make-up routine.

Remember to reapply sunscreen every other hour so that your skin remains protected throughout the day.

Some cosmetic items also already have some SPF quality in it, so you do not have to add another product to your make-up routine.

Use Face Cleanser & Exfoliator

It is easy for sweat, oil and gunk to clog your pores. Clogged pores often spell trouble. This season, it is more important than ever to use your cleanser and exfoliator routinely.

You may want to get an exfoliator with more delicate beads since you will be using this one a little more often than your usual brand.

Your skin will thank you when you use the exfoliator and cleanser throughout summer – fewer pimples and acne, to start with. Your skin will also lose its dull tone thanks to the exfoliator.

Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face

Have you been contemplating the new haircut for some time now? Well, wait no more. Summer is the season for you to get that pixie cut.

Even if you did not want to cut your hair, you could still bring out the big summer hats and hairbands to keep your hair up and away from your face.

With these hair accessories, your hairstyle will not be ruined as you get through the day and you can keep your hair from getting frizzy for a little longer.

Use Primer & Setting Spray

You can skip the primer and setting spray on any other day, but remember that these two items are crucial to keeping your make-up lasting longer so you will not have to keep redoing them throughout the day.

Apply some primer before you do your make-up and lightly mist your face with some setting spray to ensure that your fresh summer look stays in place.

Summer is the season to bring out all the goods you can get to keep you looking sharp.

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