5 Significant Reasons to Send Rakhi with Cards

If you have a brother who has recently shifted abroad or maybe you have shifted outside India then maybe he would not be a part of Raksha Bandhan festivities this year. That does not mean that you would let distance come between you and your brother. Rakhi celebrates a very pure relationship of siblinghood which is everlasting and very strong. Thus let your brother knows with Rakhi with cards how much you love him.

Online portals nowadays provide you with an amazing collection of Rakhi designs that would be hard for you to find in the local markets. From designer Rakhi to traditional Rakhi you would find everything here. Also, not only Rakhis online websites provide you with Rakhi gift hampers that are really one of a kind. Send your brother blessing and send Rakhi in Kolkata online with cards and personalised Rakhi gifts.  

Cards have always held a special place in everyone’s heart. Cards provide you with the knowledge that there is someone who is thinking about you. Cards for festivals especially Rakhi is a great way to let your brother know that you miss him who is living abroad or in Kolkata. Here are some reasons why cards such an integral part of Raksha Bandhan.

Expressing of Emotions: Raksha Bandhan with its traditional and sentimental values truly expresses your emotions to your brother. The goodwill behind the card would lift up your brother’s mood even though he is staying abroad and would not be able to come and take part in the celebrations. You may find it difficult to express your emotions verbally but not with cards.

Looks good with Hampers: Sometimes with Rakhi to brother and gift hampers, cards add that extra touch of love. Your loved one would know that you have put thought behind the card when you send those cards and not just gifts.

Expressing Human Emotions: A card is known to express all human emotions like happiness, joy, laughter, love, etc. It helps you to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level. Rakhi with cards is a great way to help your brother understand his importance and value in your life. It also allows you to keep in touch with the people whom you love with all your heart. Even though you might be separated by the distance it lets you express your joy and all your mundane emotions through the distance that sometimes a gift cannot.

Personalisation: You could personalise your card with your own handwriting and by sticking some memorable pictures. It would add a touch of intimacy to your gift as well as your card. It helps you to express your caring sentiment towards your brother who has always been there supporting you during tough times.

Lasts Longer: Raksha Bandhan cards could be made from a number of items. Cards have longer longevity than any other form of a gift. If you buy sweets with Rakhi, the sweets must be eaten within a few days. If you send a cake or chocolates, it would be the same. Rakhis also face the same challenge as they cannot be worn on the wrist after the festival is over. Cards remain for a longer time and seeing it your brother would understand how much you love him. Send cards with Rakhi to brother.  

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