What are the growing career opportunities in B.Tech Food Technology?                                                                           

Food Technology is the branch of science that encompasses a wide range of techniques and processing methods to research, manufacture, preserve and process food substances with all the technologically advanced processing units. Food processing has been used for centuries to increase the shelf life of a substance. It dates back to 1811 when the first cookbook of its kind “The Art of Preserving Animal and Vegetable Substances” was published.

With the advancements in technology, the food industry has evolved at a rapid rate and so has the career opportunities associated with it. Read this blog to find the enriching educational experience along with opportunities this course can deliver.

  • Food technologist: In this job role, you have to generate methods by which raw materials can be converted into processed food by generating new product ideas and recipes. You have to modify and improve existing recipes, design processes and machinery for the production of recipes on a large scale, ensuring strict hygiene and food safety standards. Further you have to identify and choose products from suppliers, monitor the use of additives, test and examine samples.
  • Biochemists: A biochemist is one who suggests improvements in storage, flavour, texture, and quality. Your responsibility on this job role is to analyse food products to measure their vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and mineral content while calculating the effects of freezing and preserving the caloric value of the food.
  • Organic chemists: They research and write up for scientific journals which are then reviewed by scientists and are implemented on a large scale. Your responsibilities include finding the organic versions of every food additive.
  • Home economists: If you want to become an expert in dietetics and nutrition and have the ability to test the food and recipes according to set guidelines and store them in containers, then this job role is apt for you. Your responsibilities may vary with the type of organization you are associated with. Though,your basic job responsibility is to educate people to improvise their lifestyle when it comes to their food habits.
  • Engineers: They design, improve and maintain the processing systems. Food engineer has to test the process and the utilization of food equipment, develop and design new food equipment, research and create advanced pharmaceutical products and offer marketing and technical support for food manufacturing companies to solve challenges related to supply and preservation throughout the world.
  • Research scientist: They carry out experiments regarding improvement in crop yield and try to stop deterioration by using microbiology and chemistry. They determine flavour, nutritive value and general acceptability of the packaged food and investigate the new nutritional food sources which are yet to be utilized. As a research scientist, you have to stay updated on new regulations and develop ways to make processed foods safe.
  • Managers and accountants: They manage administration,finances, supervise the processing work and deal with the pressure to keep up with the fast-changing consumer trends

There are various career paths you can pursue with B.tech food technology. Food technology is an essential part of the global economy and enrolling for a course in this sector will help you become a vital part of this everlasting industry.