The Most Amazing Shelby GT500 Performance Upgrades You Need

If you own a Shelby GT500, it is established that you already like speed, power and an ultra-sleek look. You are probably looking for ways to enhance your ride, no matter how awesome it looks and handles already. Here are a few basic 2021 GT500 performance parts that will take your Shelby to the next level.

Carbon Fiber Upgrades

Shelby GT500 performance is already legendary. Now, Ford Performance is being elevated with a slew of new carbon-fiber accessory parts. These will not just enhance your vehicle’s looks, although that will be more than enough for most people.

The newly announced pieces include a front splitter, trim panels for the front bumper and rear deck lid and a hood vent. The Shelby comes with larger grill openings, deeper than normal spoilers, vent hood and side skirts. The carbon fiber accessory parts let you personalize your ride in your own unique way, while enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle.

Exhaust Kits  

Performance upgrades do not usually include exhaust parts, but the new exhaust kits from LMR bring bigger piping and in some cases, eliminate the catalytic converter entirely. With options for off-road, mid-pipes and cat and axle-back exhaust kits, the Shelby’s V-8 will also give off a sound that exudes power and smoothness.

These performance upgrades improve the sound and overall performance of the vehicle, while not sacrificing any of the sleek lines or great overall looks.

Gas and Diesel Tuning

There are multiple products on the market that enhance the performance of the engine. Shelby enhancements include but are not limited to filter and hot/cool air transfer parts, the Kenne Bell Liquid Cooled Intercooled Supercharger kit, which adds up to 425+ horsepower. For vehicles with header, midpipe or camshaft parts, tuner kits exist that provide the supercharged performance, but are modified to fit the other enhanced parts.

Hood Pins

The look of a vehicle is a performance issue as much as the actual performance of an engine or exhaust system. With that in mind, there are several options for new Shelby hood pins. These let it be known loudly and clearly that your vehicle is a top-of-the-line Shelby, mixing aluminum, chrome and black pin accessories with the sleek finish the Shelby name is known for.


If you have driven in foggy or inclement weather, you understand how lighting is as much a performance issue as anything else. For those tough-to-navigate-in conditions, performance LED fog light and marker kits are always an option. These not only help you see, but they also make you more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the chance of a collision.


The Shelby GT500 also comes with many different safety enhancements. These include improved tires, safety harness options and seating choices that fit specific body types.

There are many other performance upgrades that make the engine, cooling, and tire system run smoother. The issue really is how much you want to improve upon what many car aficionados already consider a perfect specimen.

If you are looking for performance upgrades to make your vehicle run faster, options abound. There are also plenty of accessories and parts to improve just about every other facet of the Shelby GT500.