How strider bikes used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales

How strider bikes used Expivi's 3d configurator software to boost sales

3d product configurator is a great modern solution for companies that offer products or services. This marketing move provides a massive advertising opportunity. It could be anything from an excellent digital gamut to various geometric shapes that will change. This option is also suitable if the product should be shown from all sides and present different features or details. 

Nowadays, most sales happen online. It’s hard for people to choose because they don’t have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the product. Expivi’s 3d configurator software can help. Thus, the company Strider bikes used Expivi‘s 3d-configurator to increase sales.

Today on the company’s website, customers can carefully consider the bikes from all sides to choose their favorite option. Implementing such an unusual marketing tool will increase the number of sales and the growth of indicators of the involvement of site visitors. Furthermore, by receiving the opportunity to consider the product at the stage of ordering on the site, the seller can significantly reduce the percentage of returns.

Benefits that will give 3d-configurator company or business owner

Business today is developing dynamically. If not, it is necessary to be one step ahead of the competition and not lag. A product configurator is a multifunctional solution for which the present and future in the field of e-commerce and clever marketing move. It’s a great visual help for customers since it shows the product’s features and possibilities in a couple of seconds, even before the customer enters the store. The list of benefits that are guaranteed to equip your store is quite extensive:

 Saving time and being able to process a purchase quickly

Less risk of sales errors

Price justification

The possibility of passive sales


This is very convenient for buyers and sellers because it saves a lot of time. Suppose the customer clearly understands why he came to the actual store. In that case, it will significantly increase the credibility of the potential seller and raise his interest in the brand itself substantially. Unfortunately, the current computer technology provides a vast list of possibilities, so this kind of advertising is doomed to look beautiful and expensive.

The range of applications of this marketing move is quite huge: from selling expensive products: cars, furniture, a lot of structural elements for industrial or civil engineering, and completing the cheaper goods. There are almost no restrictions for professionals in supplying goods, and these opportunities are increasing with each new day.


3d product customizer boosts sales and takes online stores to the next level. So, the company Strider bikes actively uses the advantages of this tool. 

Track customer journeys through the site. The tool also allows you to get detailed analytics of behavioral factors. For instance, you’ll figure out when a consumer refuses to place a purchase. The information you obtain will assist you in reducing the number of refusals and encouraging clients to purchase.

You may eliminate flaws and improve the performance of your online business by using information about the customer’s priorities and dislikes.

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