Five Ways to Ensure Your Transmission Runs Smoothly

In terms of engine parts, your transmission is one of the most important. If it goes, your ability to move your vehicle ceases to exist in any meaningful way. That is why you need to follow this advice as well as get your vehicle into Boardman transmission for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Why It Matters

A healthy transmission allows your vehicle to function as it is intended to function. It allows for acceleration, speed, scrubbing speed when it is necessary, climbing hills and even holding your vehicle in a parked position. Without the transmission, your vehicle would be greatly restricted in what it can do. So how to keep it healthy besides taking it in for maintenance at Boardman Auto?

Check the Fluid Level

Like engine oil, transmission fluid keeps the moving parts in the transmission from overheating to the point they meld together. It cools the parts and lubricates them. Additionally, it creates the hydraulic pressure needed to shift gears. Without all that in good working order, your vehicle would cease to function.

In addition to checking the level of the fluid and making sure it is in the “safe zone,” not too much or too little, you also must check the color. Transmission fluid should be semi-translucent, free of debris and maroon-reddish in color. If it is dirty or darker in color (indicating it has been burnt,) you need to get it replaced immediately.

Completely Stop Before Shifting

Everyone who drives has done this to one degree or another: They are in a hurry to get out of a parking lot, back up out of a parking space and yank the gear shift into drive without the vehicle completely stopping. Chance are most people do not even realize they are doing it. It is horrible for a transmission.

It puts a strain on the gear box. It forces parts to reverse direction with no preparation. It potentially causes parts to smash together. If you do it enough, it will damage the transmission and cost a lot of money to fix.

Make sure you come to a complete stop whenever you are shifting gears.

Avoid Towing Whenever Possible

If you must tow something, make sure you follow your operator’s manual exactly. Towing too much can burn your transmission fluid and reduce its effectiveness.

Get Regular Maintenance

Follow the instructions in your manual as well as the advice of your mechanic. Do not deviate from either. The more you care for your transmission, the more it will serve you well.

Boardman transmission can make sure that your transmission fluids, case and filter (if applicable) are in good shape. Your job is to make sure you get it in when you are supposed to do so.