5 Digital Marketing Tools for 2019

Digital marketers are obsessed with the latest and greatest tools. Whether it’s helping with analytics or graphics work a digital marketer needs several reliable tools in their arsenal. Digital marketing provides every marketer with an equal opportunity to showcase each and every product or service to his or her targeted customers at a cheaper cost, than through conventional methods.

Another outstanding advantage of digital marketing is its ability to contain all businesses irrespective of their sizes or locations. Apart from the few mentioned relevance of digital marketing, there are many others of which I wouldn’t have enough time to tell you.

In this article, I will be focusing more on discussing some of the digital marketing tools which I as a Google certified digital marketer use to boost up my clients brand, content, and sales among others.

Below are some of the best digital marketing tools for 2019, that is worth checking out.

   1.Google Analytics

Tracking your website’s data or analytics has never been so easy, but with this Google tool.

Google analytics will provide you with insights on how much great your website and its visitors are doing, but to wrap up some of the best features it has, finds the points highlighted below.

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to:

(I). Find out the location of your best visitors.

(II). Get insights about what your visitors are searching within your website.

(III). Determine how good your online campaigns were, and which of them generates the most of your leads that subsequently convert.

(IV). Reveal your best performing, as well as your worst performing pages or contents.

(V). Determine where people abandon their shopping carts.

(VI). Visualize what people click on the most.

To learn more about Google analytics, it is recommended that you attend the Google Analytics Academy’s free course.


When it comes to creating some professionally looking Infographics, then Canva has been the choice of many digital marketers.

Although it isn’t the only tool that provides you with cool features for creating or customizing your images, it provides its users with cool graphics templates to the best of their abilities, in addition to providing them with the ability to create from the scratch.

You can as well choose from the tons of fonts and arts provided, while also permitting you to import or download others from your local storage. As such, you can create blog posts images, promotional campaigns photos, CTA buttons and much more, with Canva.


In your marketing struggles, chances are that you will at one point or the other; require shooting a video, or creating one. When you do, then Animoto can definitely be of help.

Animoto is a video maker and editor, which won’t oblige you to attain any basic knowledge of graphic designing, prior to using it, especially when creating simple videos like sideshows.

It has a drag and drops feature that doesn’t lag, and a high degree of customization options such as fonts, image library, templates and also permits you to import other graphics attachments or music files to your editions.

As simple as this tool was, it’ll help you to create an outstanding video without having to spend a little or large chunk of bucks on hiring someone to handle the job for you.


One of the greatest marketing principles happens to be; keeping track of your competitors, and the drives that keeps them away from losing to you.

With Brand24, you’ll gain access to helpful information about your brand and that of your competitors on social media, but that solely depends on how you’ll decide to use the tool.

This tool works in such a way that, it helps you to keep track of mentions about your brand, as well as that of your competition on the Internet. This includes social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, and Forums, etc.


Email marketing is a very popular and powerful digital marketing strategy; it is one of the oldest and cost-effective forms of digital marketing.

ConvertKit is a tool that automates your email marketing procedures, and also helps marketers in creating signup forms and landing pages.

   Wrapping Up

In digital marketing, the possibilities are endless, as thousands of tools are created by different companies to ease the processes.

However, all you need to succeed digitally depends on your efforts, expertise and the tools you’ll work with, and the ones listed above might just fit into your list.


Lorenzo Gutierrez enjoys writing on entrepreneurship and marketing 2 of his passions, he contributes to over 40 industry blogs. Connect with Lorenzo on his social media accounts LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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