5 Common Myths About Drugs, Addiction And Recovery

Today, drug addiction has become an incredibly serious problem that takes a toll on all aspects of life. With so many misconceptions surrounding this problem, it becomes even more difficult to understand what an addict is going through. 

In order to motivate someone who is trying to overcome curb this disorder, it is crucial to recognize these myths and truth behind them. Let’s get started-

Drug Addiction Is A Voluntary Behavior
A person starts taking drugs occasionally as a voluntary choice. However, with continuous exposure of drugs to the brain functions, this voluntary choice becomes a compulsive behavior. 

Regardless of the type of drug a person is addicted to, most of the effects are similar. From body, memory, and motor skills, it has a huge impact on all aspects of a person’s behavior. 

Long-term abuse conditions the brain in such a way that it seeks pleasure from drugs and alcohol.  Further, it is a common perception that lack of will-power is a cause of addiction, but it is just a sign of drug abuse. 

Addiction Is A Character Flaw, Not A Disease
Besides the fact that drug addiction is a chronic disorder, society continues to have a moralistic view towards this condition. Many people see drug addicts as immoral, weak-willed, or a person having a character defect. 

However, they aren’t ‘bad’ people trying to become ‘good.’ But, they are ‘sick’ who struggle with drug dependence, and are trying to get ‘well.’ So, it is high time to break this stereotype and help them to seek treatment. 

The best ibogaine treatment programs encourage and teach the individuals to fight their conflicting desire of taking drugs. Unlike other methods such as detox and rehab, ibogaine eliminates the drug cravings entirely.

Prescriptions Are Safe And Won’t Make A Person Addicted
Many times, doctors prescribe opioid painkillers that help manage severe pain after a surgery or accident. Besides this, oxycodone is another addictive drug that doctors commonly prescribe. 

Though many of the medications are safe if taken in adequate dosage for a short-time, prolonged usage may be dangerous and addictive. If the user exceeds the amount or takes a combination of drugs, might cause deadly consequences. Since these drugs are easier to get, the addiction can go unnoticed.

Treatment For Drug Addiction Is A One-Shot Deal
Like other diseases, drug addiction is also a long-lasting disorder. Many of the individuals are able to quit the drug abuse after receiving treatment just one time. But, there are some patients who require long-term treatment and repeated procedures. 


Even if all the addicts are abusing the same drug, they might respond differently to similar medication strategies. So, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ treatment for all forms of drug addiction.

Detox Is All A Drug Addict Needs
Detoxification is a difficult process, but it is just the beginning of the treatment. This process uses medications to flush out the toxins from the body while the patients are asleep. However, it doesn’t mean that the person is no more addicted now. Like hypertension, asthma, diabetes, etc., this condition also needs to be managed throughout the lifespan. 

Drug addiction is a severe condition that needs to be addressed quickly. If you or your loved ones are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, ibogaine treatment might help to control the situation.